Thursday, 28 August 2014

A-Z of Polish: S is for.........Sound Asleep & Storm

 Hiya lovelies!  It's time for another instalment of the A-Z of Polish, and this week we're up to S.  I picked out two polishes for this week, Dark Metal Lacquer - Sound Asleep, and Zoya Storm.........

I used Storm on all my nails, and then used 2 coats of Sound Asleep on my middle and ring fingers.  I was planning to do some faffage over these, but decided at the last minute to leave them plain.  I'm quite glad I did, as these polishes are both completely stunning in their own right.  I do plan to swatch it properly at some point, but you can already see here that Sound Asleep will reach full coverage without and undies.  It's practically there at 2 coats. :D
 I'm sorry about the state of these photos.  Me and my indoor lighting are still trying to come to an agreement when it comes to anything holographic.  I'm sure we'll get there eventually, but for now I'm stuck with creepy looking skin, and only some of the holo showing up in photos :/

So, that's all from me today, but I've been putting together a few mani's for the MoYou Rainbow contest that's going on on Instagram, so I'll be showing you those over the next few days.  If you want a sneaky peak of the green mani, head over to my IG - @pennypinchingpolish

And don't forget, you can check out all the other S mani's by visiting the hub page here.

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