Saturday, 31 August 2013

Simple Leapord Print

*All items in this post were purchased by me
This is a mani I wore a few weeks ago, just some simple leapord print with a couple of accent nails with the colours reversed.  I dont have a bottle shot for this one, but the polishes used were Nail Envy Matte, Kleancolor Metallic Fuchsia, Rimmel 60 seconds Black Out, Barry M Silver Foil Effects, and Seche Vite.  
This is one of the manis I did before switching to a squishy stamper.  This one's not too bad because my nails are quite short here, however I have a mani sitting in my unposted folder where my nails were longer, and it's pretty terrible!  I'm debating posting it, as I love the colour combo, but the stamping's so bad.   I may even re-do the mani, then post both of them together to show the improvement.  What do you guys think, do you want to see it?

 Anyway, enough rambling........... I started out with a base of Black Out on my ring finger and thumb, and Metallic Fuchsia on the others, then stamped with the top image from CH1 from Cheeky's 2012 collection with Barry M Silver Foil, and filled in some of the spots with a medium sized dotting tool and the opposing colours.

This was the first manis I did where I was actually happy with my stamping.  I've only been stamping for a few months so I'm still learning : )

Sorry there's only 1 picture, I did this before I was sure I was going to start a blog, and I was just taking pictures of my nails, you know, just in case. 

Can you tell I am SO not used to posing my fingers for photos yet?

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