Saturday, 8 March 2014

Will It Stamp???

Hi guys!  Today's post is a bit of a monster, but it's one I've wanted to do for ages, and I finally found the time to get the leg work done last weekend :)  You guys may have noticed that I only really use a few certain polishes for stamping, ones that I know for sure will work. For the longest time, I have known that I probably have a fair few other polishes that would work, but I don't want to test them in a mani in case they don't, and I have to start from scratch. So, at the weekend, I gathered together all my "possible stampers", some black and white false nails, and set to work.  All in all, I tested a little over 60 polishes, mostly budget brands, all of which I will share with you today...............

I am going to be doing this by brand, that way it is a lot easier for me to link you to where you can purchase them from.

Every colour has been stamped on a black nail first, but then if it wasn't opaque enough over black, or, if it was a very dark colour that I found difficult to see over black in normal lighting, I stamped on a white nail as well.  I also did this for all the duochromes to see if they would show up against white.

So, the first brand up is A-England.  I knew it was a pretty fair bet that these would all stamp, but now that I've tested them, and know 100%, I may be a bit more inclined to reach for them :)  You can buy A-England directly from their website if you're in the UK.  If you're out of the UK please visit their stockists page.


Briar Rose.

Lady of the Lake.

Rose Bower.

So, as you can see, they all work nicely :)

Next up is Barry M.  You can buy Barry M at their website, Superdrug, Boots, and Tesco.

Blue Grape




Blueberry Ice Cream


Vanilla (Matte)

Blue Grape is a bit too dark over black, and Pomegranate is a little darker over black, but other than that they're all good :)

Next up is BYS. I got both of these polishes on ebay UK. It seems like most sellers are out of stock of Ultra Violet, but don't worry, I have a good dupe for this coming up later in the post :)
Ultra Violet

Mosaic Plum

These ones didn't turn out too bad either.  They're both visible over black, but a bit darker than in the bottle.

The next brand is Color Club, and whilst I knew that the Halo Hues would stamp, I couldn't resist including them anyway :)

Angel Kiss

Eternal Beauty

Miss Bliss

Perfect Mol-ten

And a purple foil that I don't know the name of.  If you recognise it please let me know :)
Edit: Pretty sure it's Secret Agent - thanks Tonje!

All 5 of these stamped incredibly, as you can see.  No duds here!  I bought most of these from Facebook groups, but you can usually find really cheap sets in TKMaxx, or purchase them from Sally Magpies (halo hues), Color Club UK or TNBL.

The next brand is another budget brand called Gallery Colours.  You can find this brand on ebay here, for about £2.

 Silver Moon
Sea Pearl.

I was surprised that the silver stamped so well, as I normally use 3 thin coats of that on the nail.  It is however, the most chrome looking, and least brush-strokey silver foil I've come across.  Check out swatches here.  I'm not sure how comparable it is to OPI's Push & Shove, but if the OPI is a bit too pricey, I would 100% recommend this instead.  I was hoping Sea Pearl would be a little stronger than it was, you can hardly see it over white,  but I have ordered a different lilac foil recently that I think will be better.

The next brand is ILNP.  I knew the 2 Ultra-Chromes would probably stamp, but still wanted to test it out before posting about it.  You can buy ILNP polish on their website here.

Cygnus Loop (Holo)


As is usually the case with duo/multi-chromes, they are fab over black, but not as impressive over white.

Next up is La Femme Beauty, which is another budget brand I find on ebay, here.  These usually cost about £1.50, but don't be fooled into thinking they're cheap because they're all crap.  A lot of them have really good formula's, as you'll see by how many stampers I have. :)  You can also get them in sets on Amazon for really good prices.  The hexagon glitters set is also really good.

Ice Blue Cream

Lilac Cream

Rich Pink Cream (although typos on the bottles say Rick Pink Cream)



Purple Passion.

So, these all stamp pretty well, although Rich Pink Cream looks quite dark over the black.  For the price, I'd say that's pretty impressive!

The next lot of polishes are from the NYC Foil Explosion line, which are available from Superdrug for £1.99 each.

 Aqua Mystic

Enchanting Fire

These both stamped really well, I'm hoping they'll add to this line at some point, as there's not many colours.  

The next brand is one called POP beauty.  I came across 2 neon's from this brand years ago when I worked for asos, way before I was really that into nail polish, but I remember thinking how nice the formula was on them, even then.  I finished both bottles in the end, and couldn't seem to find them anywhere else.  Then a few weeks ago, I came across them here on ebay, I was over the moon!  Even better, they're only £1.99 + free delivery, so a total bargain too.



I've never come across a regular neon polish that can stamp, and whilst they're not as bright over black as they normally are, I am still very impressed.  Especially with the blue one, Brave, it's fab!

Next is Revlon, and I have 3 of the Chroma Chameloen's, and 5 from their Top Speed line.  The Chroma's I found in poundland, but you can also get them from Boots for £6.49 each.  (although it's 3 for 2 online at the moment) and Superdrug for the same price.   Definitely check your local poundland first though :)  The Top Speed polishes, I got for 99p here from Fragrance Direct, although you can also get them at Boots and Superdrug for £6.49 too



Pink Quartz

Cupid (my fave light pink ever)





Quite impressed with all of those except Royal.  It's very pigmented, but it is still a jelly, so I didn't hold high hopes for that one anyway.  The Chroma's look a bit pants over white, but I was expecting that too. Electric is very impressive.  I did not think I had a yellow stamper :)

Next up is Rimmel, and I only have 2 of these to show you.

Camouflage (although this is a US version, and is 12ml instead of 8ml like normal for 60 seconds.   I'm not sure if the formula will be any different, but the one I have is great)

Metal Flip - Purple Reign

Both great, as you can see.  Both of these are on Frgarance Direct for £1.25 at the moment, or alternatively, try Superdrug or Boots.

The next brand is Sally Hansen, and I got all 3 of these polishes here from Fragrance Direct for £1.49.  Alternatively, you can find Sally Hansen in Boots or Superdrug for around £6.99 (again!)

Complete Salon Manicure - Bandage

Insta-Dri - Brisk Blue

Insta-Dri - Lively Lilac

Bandage wasn't too impressive, but the Insta-Dri's are both pretty good, the blue especially.

Next up is a brand called Shades.  I had never heard of them before, but my mum came across them in our local chemist for 99p each, so brought me back 2 creams and 2 shimmers to try.  The creams were quite pigmented, so I tried them both out.

Blue Lagoon

Pink Rose

Both pretty good, although I'm more impressed with Blue Lagoon for how true to bottle the colour is.  

Then I tested a couple of Sinful Colors, including Snow me White, which is well known for stamping nicely.  I had to see for myself though :)

Happy Ending

Snow me White

Happy Ending lost a lot of it's brightness, but Snow me White, as you can see, really is perfect.  I don't think I'll be buying a white Konad again!  I get Sinful from Boots here for £1.99.

Next, I have 3 shades from W7's Mirror range.  You can get these for £2.85 here.
Blue Mirror

Gold Mirror

Pink Mirror

I like the way these polishes stamp, they look like glitter polishes :)  Big thumbs up from me on these!

And finally, I have a few brands that I only have one each of, so I'm just going to stick the brand and shade under the photos, and link those to where you can buy them from to make it a little less wordy.  Then I'll add any comments I have on them at the bottom.

 Headline Colors - Poolside Party. (got this in a beauty box, and this is the only place I can find them online.  Not heard of the site before, so if you don't recognise it, please check them out before purchasing anything!)

 L.A Girls Metal - Iron Red.  (got this in a grab bag, and can't find anywhere to buy them online)

Nails Inc - Heather Grey (got this in a grab bag too, it was a LE polish available in a Diet Coke promotion)

OPI - Anti-Bleak. (no links, as I don't normally buy OPI, so don't want to risk giving you a dodgy site!)
P.M.P - Poison (Charlie is not selling these anymore, so no link again)

No-name generic metallic pink.

The last one is something that I got in a big bundle of polish I won on ebay, and I have no idea where it came from, how much it cost, or anything about it other than it's pretty, and it stamps :D

Phew!  I'm going to add this post as an actual page today, so you can easily find it whenever you need to, and I will continue to update this with new polishes as I test them.  I already have a small queue of them forming!  I'm hoping for this to grow into a massive database of affordable, stamping suitable polishes eventually :)

I hope you've found this post helpful, and I'm looking forward to stamping with a much wider range of polishes now that I know what works and what doesn't.

I'd love to hear any feedback you have about this post too :)

EDIT: I've decided to add a little extra bit here with a list of regular polishes that other people have recommended for stamping, but I haven't tried myself. :) If there's anything you'd like to add to this, just e-mail me/facebook/twitter/leave it in the comments :)

Barry M - Lychee (over lighter and mid-toned shades at least) Thanks to Alison from UKNailRunner for that one :)

OPI - Incognito in Sausalito (over OPI - Just Groovy (light blue) it was pretty opaque)
OPI - Just Groovy - (over OPI - Incognito in Sausalito (v dark blue) it was opaque) Thanks to Charlie from Pocket Money Polishes for those 2 :)


  1. Could the Color Club one be secret agent? I have one like that that is unlabeled too.

    1. Just been googling swatches and I think it is. Thanks :) xx

  2. My my, you have been busy! What an awesome post! I've never really had a lot of time for stamping but now I've seen how a lot of the polishes that I own actually turn out, I'm tempted to have another go :) xx

    1. Thanks hun! You really should give it another whirl, there's so many cheap polishes that work for it! get yourself a squishy stamper if you can too, I found that SO much easier to learn with. It's great to have the option of stamping or freehand, especially if you're pushed for time, or want details finer than you can paint :) xx

  3. Thank you for this awesome post...really helpful :)

    1. Your welcome! I'm glad you found it useful :D x

  4. wow what an epic post - well done. This must have taken you hours!!

    1. Aww thanks Debbie! The photos were the worst bit by far but the actual stamping was quite enjoyable. It was kind of exciting seeing all these new possibilities. Wouldn't fancy it with your stash though haha! :D x

  5. Live what you did on this post! Great information, I have several of these polishes so it's good to know what works! I've saved this post to my phone so I can access it as needed! Thanks for doibg all this work!

    1. Thank you! And your absolutely welcome, it was great to find out what worked for myself anyway. Glad you're finding it useful :) xx

  6. Live what you did on this post! Great information, I have several of these polishes so it's good to know what works! I've saved this post to my phone so I can access it as needed! Thanks for doibg all this work!

  7. Great post! I did something similar when I first started stamping, and I would love to sort through all my polishes and mark the ones that stamp, but it's too much of a daunting task! Some great tips here, especially the a englands and the duo/multichromes (which I had always assumed would be too sheer to stamp!)

    1. I kept putting it off, but I figured I should do it before my stash got any bigger. The real challenge will be to keep updating it!
      The A-Englands are amazing, and I love the idea of duochrome stamping! :) xx

  8. Must have taken you ages to do this! Thanks though it really is useful :)

    1. A fair while :D Your welcome hun, I'm so glad so many people are finding it useful :D xx

  9. We're duping each other again! I was testing polishes for stamping last night....REALLY! LMBBO I post something similar, but done a wee bit different. If you go back to March 2013 on my blog & look for Does It Stamp? you can see how I do mine.

    Job well done, dahling!

    1. Even without the prompts guiding us lol! I remember seeing that title on your blog, so changed mine to will cos I didn't want to steal it. Was trying to think of something different all together, but I was getting a big fat nothing there :D
      And thanks hun!

    2. It's not stealing, it's CASEing (Copy And Share Everything) as long as you give credit for the idea. LOL Whether a regular polish can be used for stamping is a common question & there are only so many was to phrase it. I put a sharpie dot on the bottom/back label of the polishes that work so I know which one to grab later. <3

    3. True, true! I haven't done anything to distinguish them from the others yet, but as my stash is still under the 400 mark, I can remember what did and didn't work by looking at them. I am thinking of putting them all together in the same rack though, just means I need to put a 5th one up :D xx

  10. This is such an amazing post, it must have taken you forever!! xxx

    1. Thanks hun. The actual testing wasn't too bad, however the photos did take ages to narrow down and edit :) x

  11. That's so useful! Thank you for taking the time to put this post together - I need to be a bit more adventurous with stamping, I definitely have a small set of polishes that I trust and always use for stamping. I'm going to try out my Revlon Chromas and ILNP Birefringence now!

    Can I add Barry M Lychee to your list as a good stamper (at least over lighter and mid-toned shades).

    1. Your welcome hun :) I was exactly the same, so really glad I did this post too lol. Hooray for duochrome stamping too, I think it looks fab!
      And yes, that would be great. In fact I may add an end bit onto the post with ones I've heard stamp, but not tested myself - thanks :) x

  12. Great post! This is a fab resource if you love stamping but don't have space for a million and one bottles of polish.

    1. Thanks! I love how many of the budget brands worked too, just goes to show you don't need to splash out loads of Konad polishes :) xx


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