Wednesday, 5 March 2014

NAGG Round-up (finally!)

Hiya guys :D  Today's post will be a round up of all the mani's from the Nail-Art-A-Go-Go Challenge that took place during February.  I was hoping to get this post up a little sooner than now, but I'm easily distracted, so have only just gotten around to it.  It has been less than a week though, so I don't think I'm doing too bad..........

 Please let me know if you have trouble with any of the links, although they should all be correct. :) 

So, that's all of them - 28 tough prompts in as many days.  I honestly didn't expect to make it through the entire challenge, but somehow I did.  It was pretty hard if I'm honest.  I'm quite pleased with my mani's, but there were a few prompts where I felt like I was kind of out of my depth.  I don't know much about art of any kind, although luckily, Google was on hand to help me muddle through some of these! 
My favourite's were: Jewel Tones, Still Life (despite the major smudging!), Night Sky, Wallpaper, Animation, Sci-Fi, Pop Culture, Abstract, Watercolour, Graffiti, and Pointillism. I know that's a lot, but I'm rubbish at picking favourites.  
How about you guys, I would love to know which ones are your favourites :)


  1. I love them all...except game night. Mostly cuz I don't like sports in general & the thought of watching a whole game makes me think Lame Night not Game Night. LOL But that's my issue, your nails always look fab! <3

    1. San Diego, super chargers! haha, I wasn't, and still am not really a sports person - playing or watching it. Just something about the complexity of the game that really draws me in. I blame Charlie 100% though, I hadn't watched a single game before we met :) xx

  2. Wow... I'm impressed! Your nail art is amazing and I know that I wouldn't be able to manage doing a new one every single day, let alone manicures as awesome as you managed. I'm particularly in love with Day 1, Day 8 and Day 25 <3

    1. Aww thank you, that's so sweet! I managed to get a good head start, so most of the manis were done in advance. I'm not sure I would have made it otherwise :) xx


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