Friday, 21 March 2014

Haul Post

Hi guys! It's been a little while, but I think it's about time for another haul post :D 
February was supposed to be a no-buy month for me, and I whilst I didn't quite stick to it, I did only place 2 orders in the entire month, which is pretty good going in my opinion.  The only problem with a no-buy, is that you can sometimes go a little overboard once it's over!  My last haul post was on 10th January though, so there a quite a few bits in here that I bought before the no-buy.  I'm pretty sure this is everything, but it has been a couple of months, so sorry if there's anything missing :D  Lets have a look shall we....

Yaaaay, OPI's!  I'd say my OPI cherry is well and truly popped now, left to right we have, Anti-Bleak, Get Your Number, and My Vampire is Buff.
3x 2true textures, Christy, Eva and Elle, and 2 of the Metallica range, Aglaia & Aphrodite.  I picked all 5 of these up at half price from Superdrug a couple of weeks ago.  They were only £2 each!
Zoya Storm & Carter.  After getting Aurora & Blaze a couple of months ago I have really started to love Zoya's.  Don't get me wrong, I still love my budget brands too, but something about Zoya just feels a bit special to me.
Pop Beauty Nail Glam - Radioactive, Violet Glitz, and Brave.  I bought a few back ups of Brave too, it's the nicest neon blue I've ever had, and at £1.99 how could I not :D
Color Club - Ulterior Motive, Angel Kiss, and what I think is Secret Agent. 
Barry M's (of course!) Pacific & Mediterranean from the new Aquarium collection (which I used in yesterdays nail art), and Crush.
And then Heather and Meadow from the Silk collection, as well as Greenberry.
4 NYC's - Power of Elements, Full Metal Jacket, Greenwich Village and Water Street Blue.
Technic Mad Alice & Black Mirror, and W7 Pink Mirror.
Pure Ice - Hot Tamale, Sinful - Rise & Shine, and NYX - Enchanted Forest.
2 Rimmel's from the new Sweetie Crush collection; Candyfloss Cutie and Violet Swizzle, and 2 Quirks; Boom Boom, and one of the Oopsie Daisy polishes (#4)
Collection Hot Looks - Candy Floss, and my Tara's Talons polish club from last month, Mardi Gras & Spring. 
Maxfactor Max Effect polishes; Sunny Pink, Fantasy Fire, Odyssey Blue, and Graffiti.  I'm so happy to finally have FF, and I never realised just how cute these bottles were untill I opened this package. They're bloody adorable! :D
Barry M - Guava, Sinful - Hottie & Nail Junkie, and Seventeen - Celestial Pearl.  I actually own all 4 of these already, but they are all less than half full, so when I saw someone on a Facebook sale group with all 4 of these to destash, I took that as a definite sign from the polish gods! Who am I to argue, I am only a young girl, and know little in the ways of the polish gods.
 Now on to top coats.  I got the Models own Matt Top Coat, and BYS - Glow in the Dark top coat........
.......and I finally got some HK Girl to try out, and the Dance Legend Sahara textured top coat from Rainbow Connection.
And the awesome Pueen Buffet plates!  I will do a proper review on these once I've tried out a fair few plates.  I've used them once so far, and they were brilliant, but I don't want to be too hasty.
And, as a bonus, I have also had a go at frankening :)  The Pop is just a mixture of Radioactive and Brave, as I was trying to mix a neon teal.  It's still a touch on the green side, but I am going to do a bit of tweaking over the weekend to see if I can get it right.
The other 2 were ones I made from scratch.  The Nail Arcade was having a closing down sale, so I grabbed a polish making kit from there before it was too late.  I already had a bunch of solvent resistant glitters too, so I had a lot of fun making those.  Swatches will be up sometime next week :D

So, is there anything you're particularly interested in seeing first?  I'm really awful at deciding what to swatch first, so it would be awesome if you guys made the hard decisions for me ;)


  1. Wow, so many pretties! Those Technic glitters in particular look amazing!

  2. *drool* my no buy is up next week I'm going to go crazy lol, I love the sinful colours that you got and the 2true :)

    1. hehe, it's so much fun when you come off one, almost makes it worth it :p The 2true Sequin textures are beautiful, and so sparkly. Really impressed with them :D xx

  3. Is the DL topcoat one which turns any polish in to a texture?

    1. Yup! :D So awesome, I can have neon textures now! I'll be doing a review on that sometime this week hopefully xx

  4. I'm GREEN eyed!!! Granted my March no-buy isn't going well.
    You & I seem to be highly contagious. LMBBO
    A lil neon blue (like the one you just got a back up of) should tweak your green franken to more of a teal. If it starts getting too dark add a lil white. The white will also help to make your brew more opaque.

    1. Why doesn't that surprise me lol - but it's not a no-buy exactly, more of a "less-buy" Going cold turkey is a dangerous game to play if you ask me ;) Plus, when I can't have anything new for too long I start having mean feelings towards my existing stash!

      Thanks for the tips hun, I think it's just turning quite slowly because the green and blue both have a lot of green shimmer running through them :D Luckily the green + blue both have pretty good opacity anyway, but I think I will want to lighten it a little bit at the end. It's shaping up pretty much how I was aiming for though :D xx

    2. Good for you! Frankening adds a whole new dimension to nail art. <3

    3. I've been enjoying it too, so now I'm filling my Etsy basket with pigments and glitters so I can make loads more :xD

  5. I am having haul envy. I gave myself a 2014 challenge of excluding top coat and base coat to go a whole year without buying any polish. I haven't broken it yet

    1. Wow, you're braver than me! I'll probably have to do something similar, but not untill my stash is a lot bigger than now. Well done though! :p xx


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