Friday, 27 March 2015

A2Z: T is for.......Texture (tape mani with video tutorial)

Hiya lovelies!  Sorry today's post is a day late guys, I had to wait for the daylight to get some pictures.  I actually received a new daylight bulb in the post yesterday, but I must have gripped it too hard when I was putting it in my lamp, as it shattered in my hand!!  Luckily I managed not to cut myself though, so no real harm done.  It does mean that I'm still without a proper lighting source for a few more days though.  I'm only just getting my blogging mojo back at the moment, so I'm going to be posting crappy photo's like these for a couple more days.  Don't hate me :p

So, this weeks A2Z prompt is "T is for Texture".   Yeah baby!!  If you are at all familiar with me and my nails, you will know that I love textures, and I love tape mani's too.  So it's hardly a huge surprise that this is where we find ourselves today XD
I almost went for my go-to "random shapes" tape mani, but I thought I'd be slightly less predictable, and went with some horizontal stripes instead.  I did worry that 5 colours might be a bit too much for my little nubby nubs, but luckily I found a roll of striping tape in my stash that seems to be especially skinny, which if you have striping tape, you'll know is saying something :D

So, if you'd like to see exactly how I did this mani, check out the video tutorial at the bottom of the post.  I'll list all the polishes I used down there as well.

I'm afraid that's all from me today sexy chicka's!  Partly because I've run out of things to say, but mostly because there's a whole new season of Trailer Park Boys on Netflix today that's just begging me to watch it!  I may have tuned in as soon as it updated at midnight to get a little fix before I went to sleep haha.

In the meantime, as always, I urge you to check out all the other fantastic mani's for this week by visiting the thumbnails below.  I mean, have you seen the talent down there recently!!??  Phwooooaaaaar!!  Hard to believe when we did the first round there were just 3 of us, eh!? :D

Products Used:
Pretty Serious - Dimension X (gold), & Deep Space Destroyer (green)   Pretty Serious.
2true Sequins - Elle (pink) & Eva (blue) - Superdrug
Rimmel Space Dust - Moon Walking (purple) - Fragrance Direct
LaFemme - Black - Ebay

Striping tape - Ebay
Small Nail Art Brush - Ebay


  1. the manicure is fantastic and the light does not seem crappy at all to me!

  2. This is super cute and YAY for tutorial. I love stripes :D

  3. Gorgeous Sarah. I love the video tutorial too x

  4. These came out adorable! Love the colors you used as well.

  5. That's like a textured rainbow! I love it!! x

  6. Wow I love this manicure, the detailing looks great! I think you have done a wonderful job ;)


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