Thursday, 12 March 2015

R is for...... Redo/Reboot/Recycle/Recreate

Hiya lovelies, and welcome to this weeks A2Z.  We're up to R today, and the prompt is "Redo/Reboot/Recycle/Recreate". I wasn't sure what to do for this at first, but then I thought it might be pretty cool to do a pair of matching mani's, where one is essentially a reboot of the other, so here we are :)

 The original idea for these mani's is actually a set from my shop in pink and lilac, but for my pink mani I changed it up a tiny bit from the original, so I guess this is technically a double reboot. :D  I'm going to start with the blue and aqua one though, a) because I love this one so much, and b) because the photos are way better haha.
 So, for my base I made a gradient with China Glaze - Aquadelic, and LaFemme - Ice Blue Cream.  Except for my ring finger, which just got 2 coats of Ice Blue Cream.  Then I stamped a pinwheel from MoYou Festive 03 on that nail with Aquadelic.  Next I stamped a section of a seashell image on my pinky, middle finger, and thumb with A-England Excalibur (original).  The image is from Pueen96, which is part of the Leisure Collection.  I only got these plates the other week and this is my first mani with them. It stamped perfectly using my creative shop stamper.
 Finally I added a coat of China Glaze - Fairy Dust to my ring and index fingers, and stuck on a mermaid shaped metal slice, and a shell shape for the index finger.  Both of these I bought from She Sells Seashells.

And now the pink mani :D
My gradient was done with Revlon - Cupid, and LaFemme - Lilac Cream.  On the thumb and middle finger I stamped some swirls with Excalibur and MoYou Mother Nature 01.  On the pinky finger I added a coat of Fairy Dust, and placed 4 silver holographic hex glitters near the cuticle.  My placement kinda sucked here but that's okay :D  On the ring finger I actually ended up stamping the pinwheel with Ice Blue Cream, as when I tried it with the lilac the difference was just too subtle to really see.  So I used the blue, and then put a little unicorn shaped metal slice in the middle.
And finally, my favourite finger - the index.  I started out with 2 coats of Dark Metal Lacquer - Whisper, and 2 coats of top coat, which I left to dry.  Once it was dry, took the middle part of the unicorn head vinyl's from She Sells Seashells, and applied it to that nail.  After making sure it was stuck down as much as possible, I sponged my gradient over the nail until the glitter was completely covered.  Then I used the pointy end of an orange wood stick to carefully lift the edge of the vinyl, and peel it off.  A slick of top coat and there you have it.  
 So, I loved both of these mani's, and I love how they look together too.  I do like the blue and green one a tiny bit more, but I also completely adore the index finger of the pink version.

What about you guys though, which one is your favourite - unicorn, or mermaid?

So, that's all from me today, but I'll be back in a few days with some pretty polishes to show you.  Hooray!  In the meantime, please do check out what the other A2Z'ers have managed to come up with for this week by visiting the thumbnails at the bottom.

Since I often suck at linking to stuff, I've decided to try linking it all at the end instead.
Let me know if you guys prefer it this way xx

China Glaze's - Nail Polish Direct
LaFemme's - Ebay
Charms & Unicorn Vinyl's - She Sells Seashells
MoYou plates - MoYou
Pueen Leisure Set - Pueen (I actually got mine from a UK seller on ebay, but they're all gone I'm afraid.)


  1. Love them all, and aren't the La Femme polishes awesome for the price x

    1. Thanks lovely! They really are, this one and lilac cream have the nicest formula's! <3 xx

  2. Omg I love them both! I think the unicorn one is my favourite though- that index finger is gorgeous!<3

    1. Thanks lovely! I was quite happy with how that one turned out too :D xxx

  3. I completely refuse to decide between Unicorns and Mermaids! But both manis are beautiful!


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