Friday, 20 March 2015

A2Z: S is for....Silver (with video tutorial!)

 Hiya lovelies!  So, today I have my mani for this weeks A2Z, but more about that later because I have exciting news!  I made a YouTube channel!!!!!!!!!  Oh, yes! I really don't like doing regular tutorials, so I've been considering this for a while.  I'm actually filming on my phone for now, but I'm hoping to eventually get a DSLR and start filming like a pro!   If you want to subscribe to my channel you can do so here.  (opens in a new tab)  I'll also pop the video down at the bottom for your viewing pleasure.... (or at least I hope)

Ok, so on to today's mani.  This week the A2Z prompt is "S is for Silver".  
I recently purchased all 12 of the Color Club Halo Hues so I knew instantly that I would be using Harp On It in this mani,  So I applied 2 coats of that, and then decided that a stained glass mani would probably be a good one to film for my first video.  Plus I haven't done one with a linear holographic yet so it was a win win.
I used black acrylic paint for the lines, and then filled in some of the sections using 2 coats of OPI Sheer Tints - I Can Teal You Like Me, and Be Magentale With Me.

Ok, so this is definitely a go-to mani for me, and my line work wasn't exactly at it's best today, but YouTube.  You know!?

Any feedback on the video would be great.  I'm a little nervous since this is my first, but I can absolutely take criticism, as long as it's constructive in some way.  So don't be shy if you see something I could improve. :D

I left it as a silent video, as I personally prefer to have my own music playing while I watch YouTube, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

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Products Used:

- Color Club - Harp On It  -  Ebay
- OPI - Be Magentale With Me   -  TNBL
- OPI - I Can Teal You Like Me  -  TNBL
- Black Acrylic Paint  -  Ebay
- Striping brush  -  Ebay
- Small nail art brush  -  Ebay
- HKGirl Top Coat  -  Rainbow Connection UK


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