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New rack - added after Xmas 2013

 As you can see, I don't have helmers or melmers, mostly because I don't have any floor space for them!  Instead, I opted for wall-mounted chrome spice racks that I picked up on eBay for less than a tenner each.  The one by itself is different from the pair I have next to each other.  The gaps in the shelves are larger, which meant that the bottles kept falling over.  To solve this, I simply purchased some thick-ish card in a similar colour, and cut strips to line the bottom.  Problem solved : )  The pair on the pink wall have very small gaps so they didn't need any. Find them here  It's not perfect, but I think it's a lot better than shelling out £60 for a purposely designed wall rack that can only take 60 bottles.  I have over 300 polishes, so even for my little stash I would need to spend well over £240!  No thanks : )

I'd love to know if anyone else has done this, or if you have any other clever ways of storing your stash.  Just leave 'em in the comments : )


  1. I bought some of the plastic stacking storage drawers from Poundstrechers , only £4.99 , they hold about 50 polishes per drawer, 3 drawers per unit and as they are see-through plastic you see what polishes are in each drawer .

    1. It would have been awesome to get something like that for mine too, but alas, I have literally no floor space at all - it's crazy. I actually need a fourth rack now though lol : D x


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