Friday, 9 March 2018

Just a routine two-year-and-five-month check-in

So, you guys may remember that in my last post, I said that I hadn't gotten around to posting here for so long because I suck.  Weeeellll...I still suck.  No surprise there, really.  But, I am sucking with even prettier nails these days, so I figured maybe I would pop in once a week and show you a set or two.  Wanna see.....?

So here's something I came up with when I kind of wanted a french manicure but, you know....better. I used O.P.I - You Callin' Me a Lyre? as my base, then carefully freehanded the white areas with the bottle brush of Color Club - White Tip.  Once it was totally dry I added the tape and Swarovski crystals, then sealed it all in with gel top coat. making sure I didn't actually cover the crystals with it.  (Don't want to lose those facets!)

I really loved this design, and it's been getting quite a lot of love over at Sarah's Sparkles, too.  But what do you guys think...would you rock this french mani?

Sarah xxx

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