Saturday, 31 October 2015

Hello, again!

Hey, guys!  So, I'm sorry about the super long hiatus - I actually can't remember the last time I blogged.  Long story short, I enrolled in some business training in the summer and really started to step up my game with Sarah's Sparkles.  I've been working some seriously ungodly hours and just haven't been able to find the time to paint my nails, never mind blog about it.  Boo, me!  I kept meaning to pop over here, and let you guys know where I was, but I suck, and never quite managed it.  I'm really sorry. :'( I hope nobody worried about me too much.

Unfortunately, due to some serious neglect on my part, my own nails have fallen into a state of disrepair.  Seriously you guys, they're gross - you do not want to see them!!  But, I have missed blogging so, so much in these last few months, I really want to find a way to squeeze both things in.  So, for now, I'm going to be posting my mani's exclusively on press on's.  This way, I only need to find the extra time to write the post.  The nails and the photos need to be done for the shop anyway, and what's a little half an hour here and there to type up a post, eh!?  Now, I know that many of you aren't too keen on press on nails, so of course I'd understand if I lost a few of you, but I'm hoping most of you will stick around.  I missed you guys!!!

Ok, so, onto the nails then, I guess. :D  How frikking sexy is this gradient!!?? Holy mama! This is a combination of 3 of the Dance Legend Wow Prisms - Hysteria, Beautiful Lie, and Holy Diver.  I used Hysteria as the base. and just sponged the gradient on with a cosmetic sponge, like always.  One thing I did notice, though, is that with these wow prisms, you will need to use a fresh coat of polish on your sponge for every single nail, but only on the final coat.  The holographic particles are quite large, so they all transfer to the nail on the first few bounces.  If you don't top your sponge up between every nail, you'll end up with some nails that are super holo, and some that are not so.  I know this, because at first I didn't do it, and when they were dry the holo was all over the place.  I had to go back in with one more coat, and add more top coat afterward so they didn't suck.  
 I used Stiletto nail blanks, as I'm guessing you can probably tell. ;)  Two reasons really.  One - I MISS MY CLAWS!!!  So much.  I'm having to keep my nails cut short so that they don't stick out from under the press on in my photos, and it makes me sad.  And the second reason - the people love stiletto's!!  A lot of the sets I sell are pointy, and what the people want, is what I want to give them. :D

Ok, so I think that's about it for this post.  Or, at least, I've run out of things to say.  I'm sure you guys can tell, but I feel kind of (read:super) awkward writing this post.  It's all a bit surreal after so long.  Hopefully I'll get back into the swing of things after a few posts, and until then, I'm going to just blabber on awkwardly about whatever mani I have to show you that day. Hehe.


  1. I'M SO GLAD YOU'RE BACK :D I love this manicure. Sparkly but delicate. I would never have thought to use wow prisms for a gradient, i wish i had more than the two i do have to try it - do you think black and purple would work?! :P xx

  2. Happy you're back too! Love this gradient so much, the colours work so well together, and although I'm not brave enough for this shape on my nails, it is beautiful ♡

  3. Nice to see you back. I did think about you the other day actually, and looked you up, but could see that you'd only added anything to Sarah Sparkles, and nothing on here.

  4. *hugs* I love that gradient! So sparkly gorgeous!

  5. The gradient is gorgeous, I like the stiletto shape a lot too.


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