Wednesday, 15 January 2014

2true Glitterati & NYC stamping

Hi guys, sorry about the brief hiatus, I have the flu at the moment and really didn't feel like posting anything yesterday.  I hope you didn't miss me too much, as my posting may be a little sporadic over the next week or so while I get better.  Today, I have some nail art I did a few weeks back with 2 very cheap polishes.

The base for this mani is 2true Glitterati in Shade 3, which I picked up from Superdrug for £1.99.  It's a dark blue jelly polish with blue iridescent and silver hexes.  This was 3 not-so-easy coats.  The formula on this seemed to thicken quite quickly, and it wasn't the easiest to apply, but by the 3rd coat it all looked pretty good.
Then I stamped with NYC Foil Explosion - Aqua Mystic, which I also got from Superdrug for £1.99.  I only picked up 2 of these polishes, but wish I'd bought them all now I see how well they stamp.  No doubt I will buy them eventually, you know I can't turn down a bargain
The image was stamped from MoYou - Back to the 80's 03.
Anyway, I'm going to make like my nose and run, but as always, I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this mani, and on the polishes themselves.

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  1. I live this mani I have the glitterati in that exact shade as well and found it tricky had to be quick to move the glitter about had some over hanging or some that stuck up. This mani is a lovely combination of colours. Hope you feel better soon. Quick question about your blog how do you get you comments to show up like this I hate the way mine come up on mine.
    Thanks :)

  2. Aww, thanks hun, I'm feeling a tiny bit better today :D The Glitterati polish was a real pain to work with, but it's so pretty, and for the price I wasn't expecting it to be great anyway :)
    For the comments, you just need to go to your Blogger dashboard>Google+ and uncheck the box for Google+ comments.
    Then go to Settings>Posts and Comments, and set those up instead - my Comment Location is set to Embedded. And that should do it :D
    Sarah xx


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