Sunday, 19 January 2014

FingerFood's Theme Buffet - Week 3 - Weather: Year of the Black Rainbow

 Hi guys, I'm back today for the 3rd week of FingerFood's Theme Buffet, and the prompt for today is weather.  I decided to stretch the prompt as far as humanly possible, and do some nail art based on one of my favourite books and albums ever - Year of the Black Rainbow - so sit back, grab a cuppa, and I will explain all :)

Most of you have probably never heard of Claudio Sanchez (although I know Allie from Brit Nails has), but he is the lead singer and guitarist for Coheed and Cambria, a prog-rock band.  He is also a science-fiction author, and all of the books and graphic novels he has written with Peter David follow the same storylines as the albums.  I originally fell in love with the music after hearing Welcome Home, but recently read this book too, and am now saving my pennies to buy the rest of the novels :)  The picture above is the book cover I (roughly) based my design on.

   "An ebony band was curved across the entirety of the skies above Heaven's Fence.  It was absolutely massive, as if someone had just reached into the firmament with unprecedented fury and ripped out an entire strip of reality, leaving a vast, gaping arc of nothingness in its stead.  It was like a gigantic, pulsing open wound.  A massive black hole seething with smoke and gas.  It had no beginning, no end, and seemed as if it could swallow the entirety of Heaven's Fence with absolutely no trouble"   - Taken from Year of the Black Rainbow.

 To do this design, I used an aqua and sky blue gradient as a base, sponged white where I wanted the rainbow to go, then used the watercolour technique with red, pink and orange over it.  Then I used some really thinned down black for the middle, and added a few tiny white dots.  I added the buildings later with a striping brush and grey, and super pale blue polish.   I did get 1 photo without the buildings which I liked - I just felt I needed them to add a little bit of context to the mani.
This isn't the most attractive mani, granted, but I loved it nonetheless, I love the book and the album so much, and it was really cool to have this on my nails.  I do wish I'd used a darker blue and green for the base, but never mind!
This is without the buildings - I like it like this too, but doubt anyone would have a clue that it's supposed to be sky :D

Naturally, I have to share a couple of my favourite songs from the album with you, even though I doubt it will be many people's cup of tea.  For those of you with an open mind, or who just like rock music, I have seen these guys live and they are amazing.  If you get the chance, definitely go and see them!
And don't forget to enter my 100 Followers giveaway if you haven't already, and check out all the other weather-related mani's at the bottom.


  1. Yay! I got it! Love Coheed and Cambria and love the nails too! :) xx

    1. Yay for you and your superior taste in music! I thought you might know who they were even if no-one else did :D I also love Claudio's hair, like seriously, I want to live in there :p xx

  2. Wow looking at all of your inspiration and your TOTALLY nailed it. Awesome work. Love your creativity!

    1. Aww, thanks hun, you're too kind! I really loved your DW nails too :) x

  3. Wow!! You recreated this really nicely! :) Way to go!


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