Thursday, 4 December 2014

A2Z: F is for.......Fashion

 Hiya lovelies!  I'm back today with this weeks A2Z mani, and we're up to F is for Fashion.  Since I don't keep up with mainstream fashion, I decided to go with alternative fashion and paint something that's to my own taste.........

So, I decided to base my mani on this awesome dress from Kate's Clothing, which features chains, white skulls, and pink roses on a black background. The chains on the dress look like normal linked chains, but I decided to do ball chains as I figured they would be a lot easier to paint.  I started out with a black base, and then used a dotting tool and some silver acrylic paint to dot along the path I wanted my chains to follow.  Then using my thinnest paintbrush I painted thin little lines joining the dots up.
Then, I used the tiny end of my XL stamper, and Sinful Colors Snow me White to stamp some little skulls.  The image is an XL image from MoYou Biker 10, and has lots of little skulls on it, but I decided to just use two of the smallest sized skulls from the image and place them one at a time.
Then I painted my roses and leaves with Barry M - Pink Punch and Key Lime, Revlon - Cupid, and LaFemme - Rich Pink Cream, and mattified the whole thing to mimic the look of fabric.
I honestly cannot describe how happy I am with this mani.  It just has so many things I love crammed into it, and it turned out exactly as I hoped it would.  I really love the way the chain loops around on the index finger too.  If I had to wear one mani for the rest of my life I'm pretty sure this would be it!

I'd love to know what you all think though. would you wear this mani?

That's all from me today my lovelies, but I'll be back in a day or two with my mani for this weeks Pick 'n' Mix Challenge.  Until then, make sure you check out all the other awesome fashionable mani's for this week by either browsing the thumbnails below, visiting the hub page, here, and/or searching the hashtag #A2ZNails on Instagram.


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