Monday, 1 December 2014

A2Z: E is for....Elegant

 Hiya lovelies! It's been deadly quiet over here for a little while, but I was determined to get a mani in for the A-Z even if it killed me. This week (read:Thursday) we're up to the letter E, and the prompt is Elegant.  I actually ended up doing this mani twice, as the first time my base was a bit too similar to the pastels, and you could barely tell they were there.  I think it was worth it though, this looks way better than the other version.....

So, I started by painting a base of Barry M - Coconut, a beautiful cream coloured polish.  This normally takes 3 coats, but I left it at 2 since I knew my stamping would cover most of it anyway.  Then I did some mixed colours stamping with Pueen plate SE04B from the Encore set, and LaFemme - Lilac Cream and Ice Blue Cream, and Revlon - Cupid.  I mixed the stamping colours by applying small blobs of all 3 colours over the image in random spots, and scraping twice to blend the colours slightly.  This technique is a super easy way to make your stamping a lot more interesting, but you still get the up side of a super quick mani that looks like it took forever :D  You do have to be careful not to scrape more than two or 3 times though, as you can end up blending the colours together completely.
Initially I tried this with a base of Rimmel - Bare Necessities, which is more of a beige/nude, but the stamping was practically invisible.  It also chipped pretty bad before I got around to taking any photos, so it was a bit of a no-brainer to try again.  This version, I really loved though.  I am a sucker for a swirly image at the best of times, but these soft colours on my little tiny nails are really doing it for me.  I love it! :D

So, I'm too late to add myself onto the InLinkz this week, but I'll still include them below so you guys can have a nose at all the other Elegant mani's.  And don't forget that you can also visit the hub page (here) to see the entire series archive so far, and check out the mani's from our IG only ladies by searching the hashtag #A2ZNails.

An InLinkz Link-up

*ps Sorry about the state of my cuticles, they've been neglected as much as the blog recently, but I gave them some TLC last night, and they're looking a hundred times better already, so they'll be back to normal in a few days or so :D

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