Saturday, 5 April 2014

A-England Stamping

 Hi guys!  As promised I'm back with some nail art that was actually painted this year :D This poor mani has been sitting in my Ready to Post folder for ages now, not because I didn't like it, but because it didn't seem to fit anywhere in the schedule.  I figured it was about time it got it's turn in the spotlight......

This is A-England - Briar Rose as the base, and a hounds tooth pattern from MoYou Pro 07, stamped with A-England Bridal Veil.  Simple, but I think that hounds tooth is such a busy pattern that it's best to keep your colour choices quite simple anyway :)
As you can see, this was done when my nails were still really long, and while I am kind of missing the length, I am not missing the wonky mess that was my index finger :D  On a side note, you will get to see my new shorter length tomorrow, but then the slightly longer length will be back for the next week or 2 :) Ah, the joys of unscheduled breaks when you prepare some of your blog posts in advance!
Sorry about the little tiny fibres that have once again decided to photo bomb my mani, it's so annoying as you can't really see them IRL, so I don't usually notice until it's too late :/
Fluff issues aside, what do you guys think of this?


  1. Thanks hun! I got all happy about this too because A-England retweeted it :D xx

  2. the polishes you picked really make it a classy houndstooth, and almost textured like a coat! love it!

    1. Thanks Missy! I was actually thinking this would make a gorgeous coat :) xx


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