Thursday, 17 April 2014

Moyra comes to the UK! -swatches, nail art and review

*Products in this post were provided in exchange for an honest review.
Hi guys, today I have a post that I'm very excited about, as I have the honour of introducing you to a brand that's just launching in the UK - Moyra.  Moyra are a European brand who stock an extensive range of nail polishes as well as nail tech supplies.  They're currently only available through their Facebook page, but they're hoping to have their website up very soon.  They are on introductory prices starting at a very reasonable £3 at the moment though!
Warning: this is a picture heavy post.....

I was kindly sent 3 different polishes for review, and the first one I'm showing you is Monique (913) from the Gel Look Collection, a gorgeous cool toned medium purple creme.  The photos show 2 coats, with top coat, although I only used it to stop me smudging my mani, this polish was just as shiny without it on my tootsie's (which I will not be showing you lol) :)
 The formula on this was lovely to work with, it's quite similar to the Barry M Gelly range, although I'd say this is a tiny bit thinner, but application was still a breeze.
  This is a stunning colour, and is actually a shade of purple I don't already own which was a bonus.
I'm very impressed with the quality of this polish, and can definitely see myself reaching for this shade a lot.

The second polish I have is number 67 from the Classic Collection, a shimmery metallic deep red.  The photos show 2 coats with top coat, as it does seem to dry down a bit less shiny than it first applies. The formula on this was a little bit thicker than I thought it would be, but it was still very easy to control, and this is very close to being a 1-coater. In fact, it probably would have been if my nails were shorter.
  This is a really pretty polish, the shimmer is gorgeous, and I really like the shade of red too.  I'll be testing this for stamping soon as well, and I have high hopes for it.
Another winner here in my book, this is currently fighting it out with A-England Perceval as my favourite red polish :)
Right from the first coat I could see this making a fabulous rose manicure, so I couldn't resist a bit of stamping with MoYou XL - Pro 07 and Konad Black stamping polish.  These are the results.....

Perfect!  (the polish that is, not my stamping :p)  This was exactly how I hoped it would look, I honestly don't think I could have picked a better red for this design!

The final polish I have to show you is Sunflower (713) from the Vivid Sands collection, a blindingly bright neon yellow texture, with a sprinkling of silver glitters throughout.  This is just crazy bright, and made me so happy that Moyra have made it to the UK.  I have wanted neon textures since I tried my first textured polish, and these do not disappoint.  Even better, they have 2 halves to their vivid sands collection, one half with the silver glitter, and the other half without so the choice is yours.
The photos show 2 coats, no top coat, no undies.  As you can see, even without undies this is insane!  It does lean a little more toward the green in the bottle, but I found it looked a lot more yellow on the nail.
The formula was pretty easy to work with, although it's best to not make your coats too thin.  As with any texture, the grains take up a bit of space, so it's best to account for that when you're applying them.  This is without clean up too, it was extremely well behaved around the cuticle line. Dry time was good too.
I didn't do any nail art with this one yet, but I do have something in mind.  Hopefully I'll have had the spare cash to order the rest of this collection by then too, as I really want to put this in a gradient with it's pink sister!

Overall, I'm very impressed with Moyra.  Whilst the 3 polishes I have here are very different in terms of colour and finish, they all have great formula's, and look gorgeous on the nail.  If you have a browse on their Facebook page, you'll see that they also stock a great variety of polishes, in addition to the Classic, Gel Look, and Vivid Sands collections I've already mentioned, they also have Sand, and Sugar Sands, Glamour Shades, Matte Neons,  Holographic Effect (and yes, i do mean linear holo's), Pastel's, Metal Effect and Suede's.  I've probably missed a few there too! I'll give you guys more info about prices, website, ranges etc when I have it, but don't be surprised if you see a lot more Moyra's on my fingers over the coming months, there are so many that I want I can't even count.  Although, that's nothing new really, is it? :p


  1. Yep yep yep! I'm definitely bringing an extra suitcase to the UK when ever I finally get there. Too many fab polishes I'll never get a hold of otherwise. LOL

    P.S. Don't ever say 'if my nails were shorter'!!! The imps of nail breakage might be listening. LMBBO

    1. I know the feeling, I so wish I get the bargain halo hue's sets on amazon US, and those sets of nabi not fair! :) xxx

    2. Stupid postal fears of planes going down cuz polish in the mail caught fire. I figure if the polish breaks & then catches fire while being transported...they've got much bigger probs than polish being shipped.

    3. Right, like why is it on fire in the first place, pretty sure they don't just spontaneously combust! xx


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