Wednesday, 6 August 2014

July in mani's......

Hiya lovelies!  Sorry I've been absent for a few days, I've been feeling kind of swamped this last week, so wasn't able to find the time to put anything decent together. Today, I just have a quick round up of the nail art I did during July.  I've put this together as a clickable image map, so you should be able to click on any of the mani's, and be taken to the original blog post.....

I didn't do a whole load of mani's last month, but I'm very happy with the mani's I did do.  I pushed myself to do more decals and freehand than I normally do, and I think it's starting to pay off.  Hooray!  My favourites are the textured tape mani, the pink and orange roses, the star decals and the piunk/purple duochrome roses.

So, I'm still learning when it comes to image maps, and at the moment, I need to publish the image before I can finish putting the code together.  Hopefully I'll find a better way soon, but for now, I will just add a little edit to the bottom of the post when I've got it finished :D

*So, I can't seem to get it working today :(  So, if you want to see the blog posts you'll have to look through this month in the archives.  Sorry lovelies, hopefully I can get it sorted for next months collage......

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