Friday, 29 August 2014

MoYou London Rainbow Contest - Blue

Hiya lovelies!  So, as I mentioned yesterday, MoYou London are having a rainbow contest on Instagram this week, and I've decided to take part in a few of the prompts.  I did a mani for green day yesterday, but since I already had something to post, I'll be showing you that once the contest's finished.  Today however, is blue day, and this is what I came up with..........

I started with Barry M - Coconut as a base, and then made rose decals with Mother Nature 05, and Barry M - Blue Grape, Malibu and Huckleberry.  I had a few issues with smudging with these decals, but other than that I really like how this turned out.    I probably should have used a darker blue than huckleberry around the edges, as it really blends in with Coconut, but never mind.  I am hoping to try this mani in a different colour at some point too, so hopefully I'll pick something with a bit more contrast then. :D
I've got my purple mani for tomorrow done already, so all that's left now is for me to do my pink mani for Sunday.  If I can pull off what I have planned, it will probably be the best mani I've ever done............I hope :p  Wish me luck!


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