Sunday, 16 February 2014

Nail-Art-A-Go-Go - Day 16 - Doodles

Hi guys, second post of the day from me - today is Day 16 of the NAGG challenge, and the prompt for today is Doodles.  Luckily, I had been waiting to use this adorable little doodles image from MoYou Princess 11 for a while now, so this was prompt was perfect.

I have wanted to have a go at gradient stamping for a while now, and since I wanted to use a white base to mimic paper, I felt like this mani would be a bit boring stamped with just 1 colour anyway.
My base colour is Sally Hansen CSM - Lavender Cloud, and I stamped with Barry M Gelly's - Blackberry and Plum.  It didn't turn out perfectly, you might be able to see on the ring and index fingers, there is a tiny bit of purple near the tip.  I don't think it was too shoddy for a first attempt though : )
And here are your glossy pictures, not that it seems to look that different in the photos.  I preferred the matte in real life though, it looked a lot more like paper.
I liked this mani, the little stick figure couple in this image are just too cute!  The next 2 mani's are ones that I'm pretty proud of though, I loved them both so much, and I am excited about sharing them with you guys!
Until then, why not check out all the other lovely doodle mani's in the thumbnails below :)


  1. That is so cute! Love the two colour stamping :)

    1. Thanks hun, I will definitely be trying this technique again soon! :) xx

  2. CUTE! That lil bit of 'extra' purple just looks like another doodle, so no biggie that it's there. <3


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