Sunday, 9 November 2014

52 Week Pick 'n' Mix - 3 shades of blue

Hiya lovelies!  So, I'm feeling quite a lot better now, and while I'm not totally 100% yet, I have the energy to actually do stuff, which is more than I can say for the last week or so.  So, I'm literally just squeezing in my mani for this weeks 52 Week Pick 'n' Mix Challenge, which has been sitting in a folder on my PC, waiting to be posted for ages.  (as you can tell from the fact my nails aren't nubbins here)   The prompts this week were animals (domestic), and/or 3 shades of blue.  I spaced out on ideas for combining both, so just did the 3 shades of blue.......

I started with a base of Model's Own Velvet Goth - Valerian, and then applied some skinny/wide chevron nail vinyl's that I received in a swap.  I painted between the vinyl's with China Glaze - So Blue Without You, and Moyra Sand Effect - 854.  Then I applied a couple of layers of top coat to bring out all the glitters in the texture, and the matte Models Own base.
I'm not really a fan of the Velvet Goth polishes in their natural matte state, but I think they're really, really pretty when top coated.  It's also one of the most pigmented jelly glitters I've ever come across - this was almost opaque in one coat!
I was pretty pleased with how this turned out.  It's not the most creative mani I've ever come up with, but it is sparkly, squishy, shiny, and really really blue!  All great qualities in my opinions :D

*Can I just apologise for the state of my photographs quickly, especially that last one.  I must have edited these in my sleep to not re-take them, but these were the best of about 50 I had in the folder, so I was kinda stuck with them :/

That's all from me today, but I'll be back in a day or 2 with.............ummmm.............something, anyway.  In the meantime be sure to check out all the other sexy nails in the thumbnails below.  There have been some killer mani's in this challenge so far, so you won't be disappointed.  Pinky swear :D

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  1. amazing manicure ! i like it ! nice shades of blue !


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