Sunday, 2 November 2014

52 Week Pick 'n' Mix Challenge - 3 dark colours

*Purchased by me
Hiya lovelies!  So, today I have a second mani for this weeks 52 week pick 'n' mix challenge, this time choosing the "3 dark colours" prompt.  But before we get into that, lets address the tiny little elephants in the room - I'm back to rocking nubbins!  I had a really bad break on my middle finger, and there was no hope of patching it, since I don't know where the tip went, so I just had to cut them all down to match.  It feels, and looks, really weird, I haven't had nubs since about this time last year, but I've decided to just embrace them until they're stronger...........

So, I decided to do some of the designs that don't work as well on long and/or pointy nails, and this simple colour blocking is one of them.  I started with Moyra 87, a gorgeous deep purple, as a base, since that is the least opaque of my 3 colours. Then I used my striping brush to paint the dividing line between my purple and teal sections with Barry M - Cancun, and filled in all the space above the line. I did the same for the black section at the bottom, making sure to mirror the design on alternating nails, as I wanted the points to "kiss" when I lined them up. Then I carefully painted a thin line of Gallery - Silver Moon along the divides, and added added an iridescent rhinestone from The Nail Arcade to the point of each purple triangle. I used 2 coats of top coat to seal in the rhinestones, and then cleaned up around the edges.
So, I actually really love this mani.  I adore the colour combination, and the design is simple, but effective.  I really like the AB rhinestones too, I feel like they take this mani up a notch or 2.  I was absolutely gutted when I first broke that nail, but I'm definitely warming to my short 'n' cuties now. :D

How about you guys though, do you like the design?  How about the stubby nubs?  Is it as weird for you as it is for me!?

So, that's all from me today lovelies.  I'm off to curl up in a ball on my sofa until my tonsillitis goes away, but there are loads of awesome mani's in the thumbnails below for you to feast your eyes on while I do so.  I'll ba back tomorrow with some MoYou Nails stamping to share with you all :D

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