Tuesday, 13 January 2015

31DC - Day 13 - Inspired by Pinterest

 Hiya lovelies!  So, I missed yesterday's prompt for the 31 day challenge.  I got as far as putting down 2 coats of colour, and that was it.  Instead of trying to catch up and making myself even more behind, I decided to just move on to today's prompt, which is "Inspired by Pinterest"  After about an hour or so of browsing indecisively, I finally settled on something, and even better, I could use the base I'd already painted as a starting point.  Hooray for convenience!

So, this is the pin I was inspired by.  The mani belongs to Frau Wahnsinn Lackiert, a German (from what I can tell, anyway) blogger, with some super adorable nubs. I really liked this mani, and I loved how the glitters contrasted with the matte black. But, I also really really love how A-England - Avalon looks under a matte top coat, so I wasn't disappointed by losing some of that contrast.
First I mattified my base, and then I used a striping brush to apply curved sections of Barry M Glitterati - V.I.P and Socialite on alternate nails.  As that dried, I felt like it had lost too much of it's sparkle to it's slightly gritty texture, so I top coated the whole nail again, and then this morning I carefully applied a matte top coat just to the purple areas, and there we have it.
So, I really love how this turned out.  I still think the original is slightly better, but I do think my version is still very pretty.  I love the fact that not even a 100% matte finish is enough to kill the glow of Avalon!

So, that's all from me today lovelies, but I'll be back tomorrow with a holo mani to show you.  I guess I'd better go and work on one, eh?
While I do that, as always, I'm advising you to check out the other mani's for today by browsing the thumbnails below :)

 psssttt. if you're in the UK and still haven't got your hands on the Glitterati collection, they're on 2 for £6 on superdrug.co.uk at the moment. :D


  1. Gorgeous! I just knew they were glitterati's, love them! :) x

    1. Thanks lovely! The are a great density to use in mani's like this. I've actually got back ups for 3 of these already haha :D xx

  2. This is gorgeous! Thanks for the PINspiration. I love the original with the black matte too.

    1. Thanks Cindi! The original is stunning too, I was so torn between using black and purple! :D xx


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