Saturday, 10 January 2015

31DC - Day 9 Catch-up - Red Base

*All products purchased with my own money.
Hiya lovelies!  Unfortunately I didn't get around to posting my mani for yesterday's 31 day challenge prompt, but I did do one, so I figured I would still post it quickly, before I posted today's mani.........

The prompt was "Red Base", and I decided to go with some simple and sexy black and red lace stamping.  I started out with a base of Essie - After Sex. *sniggers*, which is something I picked up on sale at The Nail & Beauty Link ages ago, but never got around to trying until today. The formula was a little bit thinner than I was expecting, but it went on quite easily, and built up nicely in 3 thin coats.  I don't normally do thin coats, but I'm about 98% sure it would have pooled at the cuticles pretty badly if I hadn't, so it was worth adjusting my technique.  It is super pretty though, as you can see, it has this really nice little pink flash to it.
I stamped this lace image from BPS plate BP-02, with the Black Gloss side of the Laqa & Co Tuxedo duo.  This is actually running very low now, so any recommendations for a jet black stamping polish that doesn't love to smear under top coat like Konad Black would be appreciated. :D
So, I loved how this mani turned out.  I know it's just single colour stamping, so no impressive techniques to boast about, or even the most original idea, but it's still super pretty to look at.  I'm really glad I tried this Essie too, as I love it a lot more than I expected to.  Not so sure a polish called "After Sex" should be red, but hey.  It's still pretty despite the gross connotations of the name.

So, what do you guys think of this mani?  Are you a fan of Essie's?  I only have 2, but they're both really nice so I'm thinking of getting some more.  Any recommendations?

I'll pop the thumbnails from below, although it's probably a bit too late to get myself on there.  I'll be back in about half an hour or so with today's mani :D xx


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Jessica! Some of the newer BPS plates really are pretty! xxx

  2. Hehehe, the black lace works perfectly with "After Sex" (color-wise and name-wise!)

    1. Hehehe, I know exactly what you mean!
      "now where did I throw those knickers?" is the phrase that comes to my mind hahaha! XD xx

  3. That is a beautiful pinky red polish. I love that color. Your stamping is precise and all your fine lines turned out perfectly and it looks like lace. This is really pretty. I don't know of a good black substitute for Konad black, but I have tried Milani Black Swift and Wet n Wild's Ebony Loves Chris and while they worked they didn't have the depth of color and precision the Konad polish does. I have heard that Bettina and Mundo de Unas polishes work well but they aren't available here so I have no experience with that.

    1. Isn't is just Cindi!? Major swooning over here :D

      Thank you so much! I have to say, the precision of the fine lines is all down to the Creative Shop stamper. It picks up so well if you roll it across the image gently, I love it <3

      Both milani and wet'n'wild aren't readily available here in the UK, so I'm a tiny bit glad they're not that good, or I might have cried! XD In all seriousness though, I hope you find something that works well for you soon. I've heard a few good reviews of the essence black stamping polish, and they're nice and cheap too, so that's next on my list :D xx


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