Thursday, 10 July 2014

A-Z of Polish - L is for Lincoln Square Lavender

Hi guys :D  Since today is Thursday, it's time for another A-Z of polish mani.  This week we're up to the letter L, and the polish I picked is NYC Quick Dry - Lincoln Square Lavender.  My lovely mum spotted a bunch of reduced NYC's in the local chemist, so she came home with 4 of them - 2 for her and 2 for me :D  I guess my addiction's rubbing off on her too!

Lincoln Square Lavender is a gorgeous, slightly dusky pink, with prominent lilac undertones.  It's one of those borderline colours that I really hate trying to describe in words :p  I was feeling a bit arted-out, and fancied something soft, and kind of classic, so I grabbed Sinful Colors - Snow me White and MoYou XL Pro 10, and stamped these gorgeous heart-shaped rosebuds.
This is also the first mani I attempted with one of my firm squishy stampers.  I missed a few bits around the edges, and completely messed up the shape on the index finger, but I suppose it could have been worse.  I didn't break any nails, so that's a small win.  I'm going to keep experimenting with my technique, and try the other 2 types of firm squishy I've managed to acquire, but I still really want to find a new marshmallow stamper, I miss mine so much already :'(
This was a kind of weird mani for me to wear. In all honesty it did feel a bit boring - colour wise at least, but after the neon attack that was my tri-polish mani the other day, I think I needed something to cleanse my palette.  It worked too, I'm currently half way through another neon mani for this Sunday's theme buffet.  Yay!
What do you guys think of this mani though?

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