Sunday, 13 July 2014

FingerFood's Theme Buffet - Skittles

Hi lovelies, and welcome to another week of FingerFood's Theme Buffet.  The prompt this week is Skittles, and usually when I think of a skittle mani, my brain thinks, same colour scheme, with different designs.  This week I wanted to be a little different though, so I decided to do the same design in different colours......

I started off by using a different neon polish on each nail - Illamasqua - Gamma on the thumb, POP Beauty - Radioactive on the index, and Brave on the middle finger; Color Club - Mrs Robinson on the ring finger, and BYS Pink Panic on the pinky.
Then, I sponged on some Sinful Colors - Snow me White onto the bottom half of the nail, and covered the white with whichever colour was on the nail to the left.  In hindsight I should have used a white base under the base colours too, but I was just making this up as I went along :D  I top coated it all and let it dry completely.
Once it was dry, I used striping tape to mark off the criss cross patterns, then painted over them all with Tribal - Shade 12, which is a black texture with some holo glitter, that I bought ages ago from Born Pretty Store.  They do still sell them though, here.  It was actually my first ever texture polish, and while the formula is pretty thick, it's really opaque.  It's a bit old now, and could have done with a few drops of thinner to help it spread better, but it did only need 1 coat, which is really handy for a tape mani :D

I was really happy with how these turned out in the end, although putting down the tape did seem to take ages.  I don't think I have the patience to use this much tape often, but since I'm without a squishy stamper for now, I'm doing a lot less straight stamping.  It seems to be doing me some good though, the next 2 mani's I have to post are both ones I'm really happy with.

I'll be back on Tuesday with another Tri polish challenge mani, but until then, why not check out all the other skittle mani's in the thumbnails below.


  1. Nicely done! I love how you added the black so they all still looked cohesive

  2. This is lovely and I agree on the amount of taping needed for this... so much work

  3. These are super striking! Great color choices, and the grid pattern looks so cool!

  4. @Margriet: Thanks hun! xx

    @Anne: Thanks! Yeh, they did look like a hot mess before they got taped and painted :D xx

    @Brethil: Thanks hun! Yep, I even managed to hurt my arm by twisting my wrist all funny to put it on :/ worth it though, I just adore the crisp, clean lines that come from striping tape :D xx

    @Alicia (aka miss faff): Thanks hun! I had a moment before taping them up where I questioned my colour placement, but I figured black texture would make it all better, and it passed :p xx

    @Anita - Thanks hun! :D xx


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