Thursday, 12 June 2014

A-Z of Polish - H is for Heddon Street

 Hi guys! As promised, I'm back with my "H" mani for the A-Z of Polish series.  This week we're also being joined by the lovely Rachael from Racho's Nail Love.  She was unable to blog when we started, but now she's back she's playing crazy catch up.  If you follow the link above to her blog, you can check out what she did for A, all the way through to H! And, as always for the A-Z of Polish, you can check out everyone's mani's by visiting the hub page here.
So, my H polish is something you rarely see on this blog - a Nails Inc polish!

The polish in question is Heddon Street, a gorgeous deep red shimmer.  It seemed rather fitting that I used this for this series, since Anna's matte swatch made me want it, and Charlie let me buy it from her!  We sure are relevant this week :p  The formula on this was really lovely, it went on very smoothly, and was completely opaque in 2 coats.
I stamped over it with Pueen73 from the buffet set, and Barry M Silver Foil, then top coated.  Once it was all dry I mattified it with NYC - Matte me Crazy.  I really love the way this colour looks - dark around the edges, but shines a beautiful red when the light hits the shimmer.  It's just beautiful! I'm afraid I didn't get any glossy pictures, as I was too impatient and just wanted to "mattify it already!" :p
  Don't get me wrong - I still think £11 for as many ml's is ridiculous, but I will probably pick up a few more NI's here and there, if I can get them for well below retail price :D
So, that's it from me today, I will probably be back with another post tomorrow, although I'm not sure what exactly.  I'm not working to any sort of schedule at the moment, and I have quite a few mani's in the vault waiting to be posted so it'll just be whatever I feel like posting on the day :D


  1. These are gorgeous! The colors and the stamp work really well together.

    1. Aww, thanks hun! I nearly went with gold instead of silver, but I'm glad i changed my mind :D xx


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