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Quirk - Dreams Can Come True

*Products in this post were sent to me in exchange for a 100% honest review
Hi guys!  Today I have a post to show you that makes me very happy and very sad, all at the same time.  As most of you will know by now, Quirk have recently had to stop producing polish :'(  Even sadder, Kerrie had a few gorgeous new collections she was ready to release, so today I will be showing you one of them.  Luckily Kerrie has decided to sell these as glitter mixes instead, so whilst you won't be able to buy them as ready made polishes, you can still own these pretties............
*warning, picture heavy post

This collection is called "Dreams Can Come True", and is based on 4 of Kerrie's favourite Disney Princesses/female characters.  They are all glitter toppers with translucent "glass glitters", and micro-shimmer.

From L-R: All Tangled Up!, A Gypsy's Prayer, The Snow Never Bothered Me Anyway, and (I Love You) Warts n' All.
Since the glitters are translucent, I wanted to show them over white quickly too :D  I actually like them all over white, but I think I like the pastels more....

All Tangled Up!, as you have probably guessed, is based on Tangled.  It has a silvery fleck/shimmer base, with translucent pink hexes, dots and stars.  You may have noticed that there are a few shards in my swatches here, but Kerrie decided to omit them from the final glitter mixes.  As well as offering me the chance to swatch these beauties, she was also very interested to know how application was on each of these, as she wanted the formula's to be great.  I did find when swatching that they made the polish harder to apply nicely, and stopped the other shapes from really standing out.  If you can see the pointer finger has a huge one on it and it looks a bit too busy, so we both agreed that they weren't really needed :D
 Since they're not going to be sold as bottles of polish, I won't go into a great amount of detail about the application, but for this one I used 2 coats over Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Berry Juicy, with no real fishing required. (well, just one star)
I used 2 coats of top coat to smooth it all out. :D

Second up is A Gypsy's Prayer, which is based on the Hunchback of Notre Dame.  It contains purple micro-shimmer, translucent grape purple hexes, and translucent lilac hexes, shards and hearts.  If you look closely the hearts are actually striped too!
For this one I used 1 coat, only fishing for 2 or 3 larger shapes, over a pale lilac that I frankened out of LaFemme Lilac Cream and Sinful Snow me White.  Imagine my horror when I realised that I didn't own a single lilac pale enough!?  Luckily I had a back up for the LaFemme so I was happy to go ahead and play around with what was left in the first bottle :D
  On the ring finger in these photos it looks a little clumpy in one spot, but it didn't look like that in real life - that's just the harsh lighting reflecting off the shimmer......
Still doing it a little here, but not quite as much....   Look at those hearts though, aren't they adorable!?
Unfortunately I found that the shimmer in all 4 of these polishes was pretty camera shy, but if you look at the top left of my index finger in this photo, you can just about see it :)

The third polish is The Snow Never Bothered Me Anyway, based on Frozen.  Soooooo, I'm just gonna throw it out there - I haven't seen this film. *hides* You can all yell at me later :p
TSNBMA, as it shall be referred to from now on, is translucent blue hexes and shards, matte white shards and snowflakes, with blue shimmer, and iridescent blue square glitters.
 Sorry about the shadows in these pictures, I took these in indoor daylight in the hopes that it would show the iridescent blue squares properly, but, as is usually the case when you put these particular glitters over a light base, they look slightly yellow on camera.  Unless you have your nails practically touching your eyeball, the yellow tinge isn't really visible to the naked eye, but the iridescent blue glow is.  They do work a little better over a darker base, but I figured that a dark base for 1 out of 4 polishes would look pretty weird in a collage :p
For these swatches I used 1 coat, fishing for 2 larger pieces, over Barry M - Huckleberry.  I used 2 coats of top coat to smooth it all out.

And finally we come to my surprise favourite of the four.  I honestly expected to like the pink or purple best, but this green goddess smashed those expectations to pieces! This is (I Love You) Warts n' All, based on The Princess and the Frog.  It contains translucent green and yellow hexes, matte green shards, and a subtle green glass-fleck shimmer.
For these swatches I used 1 thick coat on my index finger and thumb, and 2 thinner coats on the other 3 fingers, over Barry M Sugar Apple.  I didn't fish for anything, and I found it really easy to spread the glitters out.  It was quite smooth after 1 coat of top coat, but I went for 2 just to be sure.
I can't think of anything more to say about this polish that doesn't end with me drooling onto my keyboard like a simpleton, so I guess I'll just have to leave it there......

Now for the important retail information.....

Kerrie has put together a lot of options for the glitter mixes, which are:-

- Enough of any one glitter mix to make one 10ml bottle of polish for £2, or the whole collection for £6
- Larger bags of glitter mix if you would like to use them for glitter placement mani's for £2.50 each
- Small bags of one particular glitter for around £1 (depending on size)
- Plus, Kerrie is happy to take orders for custom mixes too! (prices vary)
 She'll be taking orders for them via the Quirk facebook page.  

Kerrie's not too sure whether she will continue doing glitter mixes after this, but she was absolutely gutted that she wouldn't get to release this collection, and frankly so am I.  These are some of the most unique polishes I've ever worn, and you can really feel the inspiration behind them all.  It's heartbreaking to think that this may be the last Quirk collection for the foreseeable future :'(  I feel robbed, and I can only hope that one day Kerrie will find a way to bring her creative genius back to our fingertips, but for now I'll just have to say "Goodbye Quirk, and god damn it we will miss you!"

Disclaimer:  All comments about the formula are based on the bottles I have here - application when made into a polish with any other suspension base may vary greatly.  :)

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