Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Matte Pink Leopard

Hi guys, just a quickie from me today.  This is a mani that's been sitting in the vault for a couple of weeks waiting to be posted.  The base for this is Mentality - Empress, which I picked up recently in Sally Magpie's 50% off sale.  It's a gorgeous pale pink, shimmery matte.

I stamped the leopard print from MoYou Back to the 80's 04, with P.I.A - Shade 12.  Whilst I can't stand polishes with no names, I do love this one.  It's super opaque, and dries to a rubbery matte finish.  It stamps really well over darker colours too.
I liked the matte finish, so I skipped the topcoat, and filled in the spots with Pretty Serious - Dimension X, which is a textured gold glitter.
While the sheer amount of pink in this mani is a bit much for me normally, the combo of matte and textured glitter was enough to stop me hating it :D

That's all from me today, but I'll be back tomorrow with my H mani for the A-Z of Polish.  (You might have noticed most of us didn't post for that last week - we were all running way behind last week, so we decided to postpone our posts for a week :p)

As always, I'd ;love to know what you guys think of this mani?  Is it too pink for you, or are you a pink fiend?


  1. My eyes hurt from all that pink! *winks* I do like the matteness (should be an actual word) though.

    1. Haha, yeah - there's no denying the pinkness of it! :D xxx


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