Sunday, 22 June 2014

Miss Match Thermal Polish

Hi guys! Sorry I haven't posted for a couple of days, I've been so tired this week, and I've got a whole week of 6am starts from tomorrow, so I've just been vegging really :p  Anyway, today I have a budget thermal to show you that was brought to my attention by the lovely Tracey from Bite No More.  This is Miss Match - Mood Sensitive Color Changing Nail Polish (which is just a really long way to say thermal) in Mystic Purple.......

You guys may have noticed by now that my nails are not at all purple, but the polish in the bottle is.  That's because this polish is very, very sheer, and quite watery, so for this mani I have layered 3 coats over Sally Hansen Insta-Dri - brisk Blue, which is a 1-coat bright blue.
Whilst an almost perfect match for the warm colour, the undies did change the cold purple colour to an indigo, but I like this shade a lot so I'm okay with that :D
Unfortunately, being sheer and kind of streaky wasn't the only problem I had with this formula, it also stinks to high heaven.  I can normally tolerate smelly polishes - I adore my Kleancolor Metallic's - but this was worse than those (at least to my nose) It actually gave me quite a headache, so I really had to crack the window open wide to face 3 coats of this.
Formula issues aside, the colour change on this is impressive, it's very sensitive to temperature, so my nails were constantly changing colours, and it is very pretty in both states.
In all fairness, I didn't expect much from a 4.2ml thermal from ebay, and at £3.49 here, I haven't come across any that cheap before, so if you don't mind a slightly stinky polish, or having to use undies, then these could be a great way to dip your tips into thermals (groaaaaan!)
The stamping is just a few stems from the floral design on Pueen plate 72, stamped with Barry M Gold Foil.  I wanted a design that wasn't too intrusive, and I think this image is exactly that.
I definitely preferred this mani in it's cold state though, I think the gold looks a lot nicer on the indigo than it does on the lighter warm colour.
 So, mixed feelings about this polish really.  I love the end result, but I'm not sure whether it's worth putting up with the smell and formula issues. I would probably have a little bit more love for this if I hadn't already tried the Fancy Gloss thermal that was in my untried rack yesterday, but I did, and it was a lot more pleasant to use than this, so....
Never mind about what I think though, I want to know what you guys think!  Do you think it's worth the hassle, or would you rather spend a bit more on a thermal from somewhere else?


  1. It's sad that it smells and needs undies because I really like the strong thermal effect.
    But 3 coats, stinky polish and undies would probably make me only use it once.
    Overall it's gorgeous though!

    1. Yeh, I think the colour change was all it had going for it really! It made for a pretty mani but I don't think I could handle using it again! :/ xx


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