Friday, 10 October 2014

A-Z of Polish: Y is for.....Your Choice :D (Dark Metal Lacquer - Flashy Sparklies)

*Purchased by me
 Hiya lovelies!  Sorry this post is a bit late, I've had a super busy week this week and didn't get around to it yesterday.  Nonetheless, we're up to the penultimate week of the A-Z of Polish, and the letter is Y.  I didn't have anything for Y in my stash, so I decided to do "your choice" for this prompt, and just pick something I really wanted to wear............

The something in question is Dark Metal Lacquer - Flashy Sparklies.  It's an ultra holographic, full coverage gold glitter, compromising of gold holo hex glitters, and holographic pigment, in a clear base.  It also is a great dupe for anyone who missed out on Enchanted Polish - Flashing Lights.  I don't have the EP to compare myself, but I have it on good authority.   It was also really hard to capture the full effect of this glitter with my camera, but I found that my phone actually did a better job, so the 2 pictures above were taken with my phone, and the next 2 were with my camera.  I've ordered a macro lens for my phone now though, so when I have it I will try and re-swatch this polish and get some decent pictures for you guys. :D

I used 3 coats without undies on my middle and ring fingers, and I initially tried to use it as a topper over black on my other 3 nails.  It didn't really work though, it was just too packed, and I found I was left with a lot of black chunks around the edges.  So, I decided to improvise, and painted a sort of stained glass design over it with black polish, including a border to cover up those unruly edges.  
I wasn't exactly sure what to do on the 2 middle nails though, so I asked in a nail polish group on Facebook, and Charlie from Pocket Money Polishes suggested giant spider.  The second I read that I thought "oh hell yeah", so here we are.
I painted the spider with black acrylic paint, and then when it was done I decided to make it look like the giant spider-like thing from last weeks Doctor Who by adding some stripes of A-England - Perceval to the legs.
So, I am absolute love with this polish, and I really like the mani I came up with too.  I've had a pretty shitty week this week, but this put a smile on my face.  Unfortunately, when I had remove this mani, I realised it was about time to change the tea bag patch on my index finger.  This lead to a much worse break, which lead to a huge cut down, and while I wouldn't say they're total nubbins now, they are the shortest I've worn them for a very long time.  :'(  Luckily I had the silver version of this polish still waiting to be worn, and *spoiler alert*, it made me feel a lot better about the stubby stumps I saw on the ends of my fingers. I still have a few mani's to post from before the big chop though, so it will be a little while before they make an appearance on the blog.

I'll be back as soon as I can, as I still have my mani for this week of the 52 week pick 'n' mix challenge, and I'd really like to get that posted before the week is over if I can.  In the meantime, you guys can check out what the other ladies have come up with for this weeks prompt by visiting the hub page here.

PS.  Dark Metal Lacquer have moved their store.  They're now on Big Cartel, with a fancy new store front. (they also have a few polishes on sale at the moment, including my favourite glitter ever, turn loose the mermaids (swatches here))  Click here to go to the new store :D


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