Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The Nail Arcade Review (part 2)

* 1 product in this post was provided in exchange for a 100% honest review. 
Hiya lovelies!  Today I have the second part of my The Nail Arcade review, and the second item I'll be showing you is these silver holographic triangle glitters...........

So, I decided to keep it really simple for this mani, and let the glitters be the main feature.  I painted all my nails except for the ring finger with 2 coats of Glittering Elements - Turn It Off, a gorgeous deep teal holo, that is a little less blue than it appears in my photo's.  This was one of those colours that was very difficult to capture accurately.
Then while the polish was still wet I used a wax pencil to pick a triangle up and placed one near the cuticle, pointing towards my tips.  I used 1 coat of Gelous and 2 coats of HKGirl to seal the glitters in, as they are quite large, so they do stick up a bit at the sides on my curvy nails.....
Sorry the picture's so blurry, but hopefully you guys can still see.  I only wore this mani for about 24 hours, which is about as long as any of my mani's stay on, but I can report that I woke up in the morning with my triangles still firmly in place.  I can't say how much longer they'd stay put, but they felt pretty sturdy.....
For the accent nail,. I used 3 coats of Moyra 101 (silver holo glitter), then put 2 coats of OPI - I Can Teal You Like Me (sheer tint) over it before adding a top coat.

So, whilst I can't really vouch for the longevity you'd get out of these triangles, I can say that you should get at least 24 hours out of them if you seal them in well, and also that they make a super pretty mani.  I really like how this turned out, and the triangles are way more holo than they look in these photo's.  Because they're quite big, the whole surface lights up with colours when you catch it in the right lighting, and it's super pretty!

So, the lovely Rachel is actually away for a week at the moment, and the Etsy shop's shut until she gets back. I still have 2 more items to show you though, so I'll let you know when they're open for orders again.  Of course, if you like, you can always stalk her on Facebook too, here. :D

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