Thursday, 8 May 2014

A-Z of Polish - D is for..... Denim and Dimension X

 Hi guys, and welcome to another day of the A-Z of Polish weekly series.  Today's letter is 'D' and I didn't have anywhere near as much choice as I did for C, so today's mani is quite a simple one.  My 2 'D' polishes are Barry M - Denim, and Pretty Serious - Dimension X......

So I started out with 2 coats of Denim, no top coat.  This polish is pretty much a 1 coater, but I was a bit tired when I was painting this, I ended up with a bit of patchiness on the 1st coat, so opted for 2.  Then I just freehanded some basic leopard print with Dimension X and my detail brush.
I decided not to fill in the spots with anything, and skip the top coat completely, as I really wanted this mani to be more about how the textures play against each other, rather than the pattern itself.
Sorry about the stupid red thread caught in the sidewall of my middle finger, I was trying to grow out a little nick for ages, and it kept getting caught in everything - my hair mostly! :(  It got too annoying though, so I had a little cut down recently.  You'll see those sometime over the weekend, but I do still have quite a few mani's from before, so I'm going to apologise now for the inconsistency you'll be seeing in my nail length over the next few weeks.

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