Thursday, 1 May 2014

C is for Carter, Caroline, Christy and Cameo Crush

Hey guys, and welcome to another week of the A-Z of polish.  In case you missed the first couple of posts, this is a weekly series I am taking part in with a few of my fellow British nail bloggers, where we will be using polishes starting with a different letter of the alphabet each week.  There's also a hub page on Pocket Money Polishes where you can view everyone's mani's...............

So, this weeks letter is C, and I managed to knock out 4 different C polishes in this mani. I started with a base of Zoya - Carter, and added a coat of Shimmer Polish - Caroline on the ring finger for a subtle accent nail.  Then I added some top coat, as I wanted my purple base to be glossy.  
 After the top coat had set enough to not ruin it, I grabbed my striper brush, and added really thick stripes of Seventeen Rock Hard Couture - Cameo Crush, and a thin stripe of 2true Sequins - Christy on either side of that.  Then I added the lines and zig-zags down the middle of each blue section with some more Carter.
I wished I'd done zig-zags on all of them though, I definitely liked those nails more than the others, but I still liked this mani overall.  I especially liked the pairing of Carter and Cameo Crush - these are 2 of my all-time favourite textures, come together to make sweet sparkly music.  What more could a girl want!? :D

Don't forget to visit the hub page to see what everyone else picked for their C mani.


  1. Wow! This is a design fit for Mardi Gras! Looks great babe!

    1. Thanks hun, the textured zig zags were fun to wear, I kept feeling them :D xx


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