Monday, 5 May 2014

The Neverending Pile Challenge - Vampy

Hi guys, and welcome to another day of the Neverending Pile Challenge.  The prompt for today is Vampy, which is something you don't often see in my untrieds, since I love them too much to leave them sitting there.  I did, however, have a flakie, so I paired that with some vampy undies for today's mani.

Those undies were LaFemme - Pluto, a deep blue polish with lots of pinky purple shimmer.  Definitely one of my favourite shades from this brand, it goes on in 2 easy coats, and the shimmer translates on to the nail really well. Much better than you would expect for a polish that's about £1.50 on ebay! (and free postage)
   The untried flakie was Nail Pop by Look - Sequin Effect.  (This also happens to be marked down to half price on Superdrug right now)  This is coat over party pluto, with a matte top coat.
I only own 1 other flakie - China Glaze Luxe and Lush, but I definitely prefer the application on this one.  The flakes are small so they apply really easily, and don't stick up once applied.
The colour shift on these was really good too, I was even able to catch flashes of blue at the more extreme angles :)
This is a phrase that's been used a heck of a lot during this challenge, but WHY did I wait so long to try this!?  Who knows!?

Anywhooooo, don't forget to check out the other vampy mani's being added to the thumbnails throughout the day, and I will see you all tomorrow with a tutorial for yesterdays Babymetal Corsets mani :D

* Oh, and since I forgot to do the Free Friday Mosh last week, here's a song I'm loving at the moment.  I literally can't sit still when the bass drops in this.....


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