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MoYou Nails Review

*Products in this post were sent to me in exchange for a 100% honest review.
Hi guys :) I was recently contacted by Selina from MoYou Nails (not to be confused with the other MoYou, which is a completely different company altogether), and offered the chance to review a few of their items.  Being the stamping junkie I am, how could I possibly say no.............

These are the bits I received - a stamper and scraper, 2 plates of my choice from a small selection, a stamping polish of my choice, as well as a nice glossy catalogue.
  These are the 2 plates I picked (images taken from the website, so you're not distracted by my face reflected in the shiny plates).  As I'm sure most of you have noticed by now, I only really use full nail images, but there were none in the plates I had to pick from, so I figured it was about time I stepped out of my comfort zone anyway!  I even stepped away from my XL squishy stamper, and used the firmer MoYou stamper for today's nails! :o
 I've put together a little comparison shot for you, so you can see how it measures up against the other regular stampers I have.  It's a little bit firmer than the other 3, as where they are all hollow rubber, this one is solid, but it does still have a little big of give to it.
So for this review I decided to do a butterfly mani with 2 of the images from plate 107.  The base is Barry M - Huckleberry, with some subtle clouds sponged on with Sinful Colors - Snow me White.  Then I just stamped the images straight on to the nail with the pink polish.  I used the stamper and scraper provided, and didn't have any problems with them.  I still think I prefer using an old gift card, as I was pretty close to touching the polish as I scraped, but it did work nicely if a little small for me.  The stamper was good too, but I would definitely still need my XL squishy for any full nail images, due to the length and curve of my nails.
When the stamping was dry (which didn't seem to take very long at all), I filled in the butterflies with the pink and purple sheer tints I made a while back, and top coated.  This was literally the first time I've actually used the small images on stamping plates, and while my placement isn't too hot, I was quite pleased considering.
I'm normally really bad at smudging my stamping when applying my top coat, but I didn't have that problem here which was really nice.
On the thumb I decided to test one of the fine swirly images, and it didn't transfer perfectly.  I did faff about trying to get it lined up though, so in the interest of fairness, I ended up testing all the images on paper......
The ones circled in black dots didn't transfer properly at first, but I tried them again, being a bit quicker this time, and as you can see in the white circles, I got them all to transfer properly eventually.  The second to last image had to be done 3 times, but that was just down to me being a bit slow :D
These ones all worked great first time, although that's probably because most of the images are a bit thicker, and I did this plate second, so had sped up enough by then.  I am really impressed with the quality of these plates and the polish, some of these details are insanely fine, and they transferred really well!
Since I used a really light coloured base in my mani, I did just paint my nails black really quickly and stamp a quick image to see how opaque the polish was.  I didn't clean up as it was coming straight off, so please forgive the state of the cuticle line in this photo :p
Not too bad at all!  It's slightly darker over black, but it shows up very well, and is definitely still pink :D
Overall, I was impressed with the quality of everything I was sent for review, even if I found the idea of using small images a little daunting at first. :D
I had a little look through the catalogue too, and they've got some cool plates coming out this summer, as well as some new colours of stamping polish.  Here's a little peek at some of those:
So, I hope you guys have enjoyed this little trip into the (stamping) unknown with me.  That's it from me today, as I have hair dye to rinse out, but I'll be back tomorrow with the next prompt for FingerFood's Theme Buffet.  Spoiler: I loved how tomorrow's mani turned out, and I'm sorry, but it uses Huckleberry and sheer tints again!  Not planned or anything, but hopefully you guys don't find it too boring.

If you'd like to see more from MoYou Nails, you can visit their website here, or find them on Facebook here.

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  1. Did you have any issues at all with the dual butterfly image? I kept getting a weird blob on the end of one wing.


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