Friday, 9 May 2014

The Neverending Pile Challenge - Glow in the Dark

 Hi guys, and welcome to another day of the neverending pile challenge.  The prompt for today is glow in the dark.  I don't actually have any gitd untrieds, so I improvised by using an untried neon topper in a glow in the dark mani :D

So, the untried in question is the gorgeous Quirk - Boom Boom.  This was from Kerrie's very first collection, all named after Black Stone Cherry songs. I originally only bought Peace is Free from this collection, but I was lucky enough to pick this one up in a much later re-stock.  I'm so glad I was, as I really do love this polish!
I started with a base of Sinful Colors - Snow me White, and added 3 coats of BYS - Glow in the dark top coat on my index and pinky finger, followed by a coat of Boom Boom.  Due to the size of these glitters, I did fish for 1 or 2 extras, but didn't find them too hard to get out of the bottle.
Then on the other 3 nails, I randomly sponged on BYS - Pink Panic, POP Beauty - Brave, and Radioactive, followed by 3 coats of gitd top coat, and 1 coat of Seche Vite  I love the way these 3 polishes seem to match the glitters in Boom Boom perfectly.  The blue and green are a little bit darker in the bottle, but I only sponged them on very lightly, so they came out a lot lighter on the nail.  When they were dry(ish) I stamped the rose background image from MoYou London XL - Pro 07 with Snow me White, and top coated again.
Unfortunately, I experienced a whole lotta shrinkage with this mani, probably due to the stupid amount of coats I ended up using.  It probably would have helped if I'd let them dry fully a few coats at a time, but I'm impatient, and hate waiting for mani's to dry, so I tend to go for the next step as soon as I can :)  I also ended up with a bit of smearage by the tips when top coating due to my own impatience.  Luckily for me, I love glow in the dark things, so I quickly forgot my shortcomings when the lights went out! :p
Waaaaaaah, creepy blue skin! *shudders*
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!  I love the way the glow comes right through the translucent green hexes in Boom Boom.  I swear, it took me at least half an hour longer to get to sleep the night I did this mani, as I kept feeling the urge to get them out from under the covers and wiggle them around a bit :) I also enjoy pretending they're teeth and attempting to scare my boyfriend! I forget how he feels about that........ ;)

While you're here, why not take your pretty little butt's down to the thumbnails below and check out what the other Glittah Pirates have for you today :D


  1. *MAJOR SWOONAGE* I LOVE how this looks from the neon glitters to the stained glass gitd effect! BRILLIANT!!!!
    I do the same glowing teeth thing with Mr Inky. He plays along. LOL Ciri likes to pounce on my gitd nails.

    1. Aww, thanks sweetie! It sure is fun! unfortunately I don't have any furbabies to play fun GITD games with, but I'm content terrorising the Mr with them for now lol :D x


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