Monday, 23 December 2013

Iconic Effect - Princess Drops

 Hi guys, today I have another gorgeous UK Indie polish to show you.  This has been sitting in my untried box for quite a while now, but since Iconic Effect recently won the category of Brand of the year in the UK Indie awards held on Facebook, it seemed like a perfect time to wear it!

This adorable polish is called Princess Drops, and is a mix of fine holographic glitter, and satin hearts, diamonds, hexes, flowers and stars in baby pink, baby blue and lilac.  I've layered 1 coat over Gallery Colours - Silver Moon, and added a few more of the larger glitters here and there.  There are loads of the bigger shapes in this polish, I had no problems finding them.  The satin glitters seem to be a lot thinner than the metallic glitter shapes, so I only needed 1 coat of top coat.
I love how soft and feminine this polish is......even with all those different shapes, it's still quite subdued.  I think this would also look fab over an off-white or even a nude base too, but I quite like the way the finishes are reversed in this mani.  It's usually metallic glitters on a cream base, not the other way around :)
I also have the Extreme Holo Top Coat from IE to show you soon, I just need to decide what colour undies to use first.  At the moment all I can think is "holo everything!!!!!!", and I don't see that working in one mani!  I promise I'll try and make my mind up soon and get the swatches up for you guys.
You can find Iconic Effect on Etsy here, and on Facebook here.

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