Sunday, 8 December 2013

Sunday Spotlight: La Femme Beauty

 Hi guys, sorry it's a bit of a late one today, I didn't get around to doing this swatch until this afternoon!  Anyway, let me introduce you to my new weekly feature: Sunday Spotlight.  Basically, every Sunday, I will be showing you swatches for a couple of very budget-friendly polishes from various brands, with a little bit of nail art here and there.  Everything featured in these posts will be less than £5, however some of these polishes will be priced much, much lower than that.  I just thought £5 sounded like a reasonable limit. 

So, today's Sunday Spotlight is on La Femme Beauty.  La Femme polishes are mostly found on ebay and amazon, but you can sometimes find them in those weird little shops that seem to sell everything.  You know the ones, they always seem to have ashtrays, car oil, deodorant and stationary all on the same display!
This stunning colour is called 145 - Passion (not to be confused with 35 - Purple Passion.)  This is 2 coats, and as you can probably see, it is a bit brush-strokey on the nail.  This isn't very visible from a normal distance, and I have found that a lot of foil finish polishes can have this problem so I can forgive it that indiscretion.  Plus, as you can see from the accent nail, it stamps!  I stamped with it from a Pueen plate I can't remember the number of now, over a plain black cream. I'm amazed that you can stamp with this, seeing as it's priced at 99p with 59p delivery here.
Plus, these are 15ml bottles, so you get a lot for your money.  This has definitely got to be the cheapest stamping-suitable polish I own, I think it's fantastic value, and I'm sure you guys will agree : )
The second La Femme I have to show you is 137 - Party Pluto, which is available for £1.59 with free delivery here.  These photos don't really do this polish justice.  They show that 'lit from within' look of the polish, but what they don't show you is that that micro-shimmer reflects a more purple colour. It really is stunning, and I'm gutted I couldn't capture it on camera for you guys.
This is 2 coats, and application was easy. The brush on these polishes can sometimes be a little iffy, but I haven't had any real problems because of that, and out of at least 30 bottles that I own, only 1 brush was like that. I love this polish, I have a real weak spot for these sort of glowy finishes, there's just so much depth compared to creams.
 I'd love to know what you guys think of these polishes/this brand.  Do you own any yourself, or maybe you've seen them around but thought they would probably be terrible?
Also, what do you think of this feature?  Like it more or less than Fragrance Direct Friday, or about the same?


  1. Of the La Femme polishes I have tried they have all been good. There are some dodgy shades and finishes out there but the same goes for any polish brand. I like the navy one a lot here :)

    1. The blue is so much nicer IRL, it's really bugging me that it wouldn't show the purpley glow on camera!
      I totally agree, all brands and price ranges have good + bad polishes. It's why I could never be a polish snob :D xx

  2. I love bloggers that give everything a go and show us readers, good and bad! I look forward to ur weekly Sunday post from now on.

    1. Thanks, I'm glad you like it : ) I think full disclosure is probably the most important thing in having a good blog, so it's nice to know you appreciate it too! xx


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