Sunday, 29 December 2013

Sunday Spotlight: Sinful Colors - Verbena & Nail Junkie

 Hi guys, sorry it's a little late, but I'm back today with another edition of Sunday Spotlight.  Today's brand is one I have only tried very recently, Sinful Colors.  They are available from Boots at a mere £1.99 for 15ml.  I bought mine in-store, but they are also available online here, with a much better selection than my local Boots.  All they have is a cardboard stand at the end of the others, and that was half was Boxing Day though :)
* This will be a picture heavy post - yaaaaaaay!

So, I will start with my favourite from the 5 that I purchased, just because it's gorgeous, and I can't wait!  This is Nail Junkie, which is a teal jelly, full of teal, blue, and copper, micro and hex glitter.  This is 3 coats with top coat, no undies.  The formula on this was a little challenging.  The first coat was a bit of a train-wreck, but by the 3rd coat, all was well.  I found it easier to apply evenly by spreading it across the cuticle area first, and gently dragging the polish down, a little at a time.  Hope that makes sense to you guys :)

I have recently fallen in love with teal polishes, and this is just beautiful.  Tricky application aside, I adore this, and am willing to work around the formula considering what you get for your money.  I had to stamp over this, so I stamped a lighting bolt from MoYou Back to the 80's 03, and Barry M Gold Foil, which looked like this.
And, I couldn't resist mattifying this bad boy either:

I honestly can't say which I like better, I think this just looks awesome either way.  How about you guys?

The other one I have swatched is Verbena, which is a dark lilac cream.  Most of my lilacs are quite light, and I have been wanting a darker one for ages now.  I did want OPI - Planks a Lot, and whilst I don't think this is a dead-on dupe, as the OPI is a lot cooler-toned, this will certainly do for me!
The pictures for this are not too good, and I apologise.  My camera totally freaked out when I tried to take these, and would not focus for crap!  These photos are a little bit lighter than it looks IRL too, but I'm hoping the daylight bulb I'm waiting for will help with the colour accuracy of my swatches :)
I am also happy to report that these do not smell worse than most other polishes, as that can sometimes be an issue this far down the price range :)
I'd love to know if you guys have any Sinful Color's in your stash, and if so, what do you think of them?


  1. I love both these polishes and your design is amazing!
    £1.99 for 15ml? How have I not seen these?
    Must visit boots tomorrow
    Great post!

    x x

    1. Thanks hun! They are really good value, I want to buy all their glitters now :) x

  2. I love these two shades, especially Nail Junkie. I'm glad the polish lives up to its fab name, as I was tempted to get it just cos of the name! I've got a couple of Sinful Colours, I think they're great, just as good as the more-expensive brands, and they have a great range of shades. The problem I have is that they don't sell them in my local Boots, I have to go to an out-of-town shopping centre to get them! x

    1. I am looking forward to getting more of this brand myself, I might just save up a little, and buy loads from the website at once. My closest boots is tiny, I didn't think they'd have them, so went into town instead but they hardly had any there either! x

  3. I guess we're spoiled in the US, I own more Sinful Colors than anything because they're so cheap and come out with so many amazing colors!

    1. I'm not suprised, even over here they're really cheap. they only came to the UK recently though, so I'm just glad they did. they have a good selection online and in larger stores too, they even have some matte ones!
      I would love to live in the states for polish buying though, we get crap all - like the Maybelline Brocades, there's only 4 colours over here :( x


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