Sunday, 15 December 2013

Sunday Spotlight: Gallery Colours (Festive Edition)

 Hi guys, today I'm back with the second post in my new Sunday Spotlight feature.  The brand in the spotlight today, is another purse-friendly brand called Gallery Colours.  This brand can be found floating around ebay sometimes, but I have also seen them at car boot sales and on market stalls too. They generally retail for £1-£2, and have a wide range of colours and finishes.  Unfortunately, I can't find either of these shades on ebay at the moment, but this is the listing I got mine from originally.  May be worth keeping on your watch list if you're interested, just in case it gets re-stocked.

 This is 3 coats of Lilac Shimmer, with 1 coat of SV.  This polish doesn't have the greatest formula, I did find that I had a little bit of dragging here and there. There is also a little spot on my index finger that looked a bit patchy when the light shone from behind it, but in normal lighting it wasn't noticeable.  I may wear a coat of a lilac cream under this next time, and just use 2 coats of this over.
That aside, I do think this is a truly stunning polish, especially for it's price.  It's packed full of silver micro-shimmer that really twinkles in the light, and I love the way it looks on the nail
This macro was taken from my middle finger, and I love the depth that this polish has.  There's something almost ethereal about it, it's so light and glowy!
I liked it so much that I decided to keep it on for a little longer, and do some winter themed stamping with my MoYou festive plate.
I stamped the snowflakes from MoYou Festive 03 with Konad White.  They didn't transfer as perfect as the Candy Canes I posted yesterday,  but I was a little sluggish with my stamping so I think that's my fault!
You couldn't really see the missing spots IRL anyway, so I wasn't particularly fussed.

The second polish from this brand that I have to show you is Silver Moon.  Silver Moon is a silver foil effect polish, and the photos show 2 coats.  I have had this bottle for quite a long time, and I have deliberately let it thicken a bit, as I found the formula was a little runnier than I personally like it.  However, if you prefer the thinner formula, you may require 3 coats for opacity.
It is very common for foil finish polishes to dry very brush-strokey, and whilst this is not a total exception, it does seem to dry quite a lot less brush-strokey than my Barry M - Silver Foil.  That's why I keep this one to use as a normal polish, and save my Barry M for stamping with.  I love the way this polish seems to hold the light too.  It's definitely the most foil-y looking silver I have owned.
This is not the greatest silver in the world, obviously, but it is pretty good, and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for an inexpensive, not-too-shabby silver foil polish, that is a bit less brush-strokey than some.
Anyway, I'd love to know what you guys think of these 2 colours, and if you have any polishes by this brand.  If so, are they any good?

Also, what do you think of the watermarks on the silver photos?  I like the way it looks when it's wrapped around the cuticle more, but doing it this way will save me a bucket load of time, leaving me more time for painting pretty nails :)


  1. That pink is indeed very pretty! Does the silver foil stamp?

    1. I haven't tried it yet, but If it does it will probably be very delicate, rather than clean, bold lines xx


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