Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Watermarble - Take 2

 Hi guys, today's post is something I've had sitting in my unposted folder for a while now.  You may remember that during the 33 day challenge, I attempted water marbling.  You can see the semi-successful results here. Well, a week or 2 later I decided to give it another shot, and it came out much better this time.

There were a few things I did differently this time around, and the first thing was to use a white base instead of just using the lightest colour.  I also grabbed a few different purples to test which ones spread nicely on the water, and made sure my polishes were thinned down nicely.  The black polish I used the first time didn't spread very well which made it a lot harder.  I also think I was more relaxed when I did this one, as the first one was a challenge mani whereas this time around, there was no pressure to post it on a certain date.  I did remember to tape around my fingers this time too :D

I really loved how the index finger turned out, but I was really frustrated with my clean up.  It annoyed me how the white base was poking out around the edges.  I couldn't shake the thought that it made them look like paper stickers, and the more I tried to fix it, the bigger the gap near the cuticle became.  I just gave up after a while, as I realised I was just making it worse!

The polishes I used were Model's Own - Purple Mystique and Rimmel Lycra Pro - Ultra Violet.  They were both great to marble with, no issues with them not spreading nicely.
Clean up issues aside, I was chuffed with this mani overall.  It's a massive chunk of progress since the last one, and more than enough to make me want to keep trying with the water marbles.  I think I'll get it down after a few more tries.
What do you guys think, much better than the last time?  Am I the only one who has a massive compulsion to start picking at the edge and peel it off?


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