Thursday, 11 September 2014

A-Z of Polish - U is for..... Unconditional Love

 Hiya lovelies, and welcome to another week of the A-Z of Polish.  This week we're up to the letter U, and this was the polish I chose today: Fancy Gloss - Unconditional Love, a pink to red thermal with gold  iridescent flecks.  I purchased this polish from Rainbow Connection UK ages ago, but it is still in stock at the moment........

In these photos I'm wearing Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Berry Juicy, a super pale pink, as undies, and 2 coats of Unconditional Love with HKGirl top coat.  The wavy stamping image is actually the hair section of Pueen 70, which features a girl with flowers in her hair.  I deliberately avoided the flowers though, as I wanted the stamping to have lots of open space.  The polish I stamped with was A-England - Avalon.
The formula on this was really nice to work with, it applied smoothly and evenly, although I do find it a little harder applying thermal polishes in general, as they change colour as I'm trying to get my colour evened out. Not easy when it's changing as you work haha.  They're worth it though, I love the gradient-in-a-bottle aspect of thermals.
I had a bit of trouble getting a photo of this polish warm, but cold was even harder.  I only managed to get one decent cold picture, and I only managed that by neglecting to dry my hands after running them under the tap, so please forgive all the skin shine going in the photo :D
It's already turning near the cuticle, but what can you do.  It was nice and cosy where I take my photos and they warmed up within moments.  As you can see though, the gold flecks are still really visible through the opaque red colour, and I actually found they just looked gold when cold, but when it warmed up to the light pink they became iridescent flecks.  I caught quite a few colours glinting off them in their warm state.

 I really like this polish, especially with the baby pink undies, but I did wear it once before without any undies.  I wasn't very keen on it then, as it seemed to show some staining on my nails when warm, plus I could see my wonky smile line in real life too.  I will pop a picture of that mani at the bottom though, in it's warm state so you can see how it looked alone.
So, here it is without any undies.  Can you tell how long it's been since I did this swatch lol.  Looking back at this photo is just solidifying my love for my new nail shape.  The squares look all clunky and awkward to me now :D

So, that's all from me today I'm afraid.  I'll be back tomorrow with my mani for this weeks Theme Buffet.  (I'm really excited about tomorrows post - I did a watermarble, and it didn't completely suck arse!)  In the meantime though, why not go and check out what the other ladies have come up with for U this week by visiting the hub page here.

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