Tuesday, 2 September 2014

MoYou London Rainbow Contest - Pink

Hiya lovelies!  So sorry I haven't posted in a couple of days, especially since I was hoping to double post on Sunday.  I went on an impromptu cleaning spree on Sunday, and it really took the wind out of me.  I really can't wait for the week off I have coming up this month, I just seem to be tired all the time these days.  Anyway, that's enough complaining for now, lets talk about the nails..........

So, if you've seen my last few posts, you'll know that I was taking part in a few of the prompts in the MoYou rainbow contest happening last week on Instagram.  Well, Sunday was pink day, and this mani has to be my absolute favourite from the bunch.  The background was inspired by this picture, although my version is a lot lighter, and I built the colours up using tiny little pieces torn off of a make-up sponge.  This is how it looked before the stamping:
I started off with a base of LaFemme Lilac Cream. I chose this one for the base because it's pretty much a one coater, but you could use any of the paler colours you've chosen as your base really.  Then I sponged on the different sections with Revlon - Cupid (light pink), Barry M - Pink Punch (pink), Pomegranate (red), and Blue Grape (royal blue), Moyra 99 (cool toned medium purple), and High Maintenance Shade 41 (fuchsia).  Then I used 1 coat of Orly - Love Each Other to add a bit of sparkle to the base.
Then I stamped some stars from Fairytale 01 on the middle and pinky fingers with Moyra - 256 (a pink holo).  I made decals with the fairies from the same plate with Moyra 256, and filled in the wings with 251 (silver holo).  Annoyingly, I completely forgot to take a photo of my thumb, so you don't get to see the fairy sitting in the moon. :(  I did however, do a more purple version of this mani for my mum, and I have a photo of that which includes the thumb, so hooray!
Mum only has one colour on her stamping, but I'm sure you guys can use your imaginations :p   This is actually her first time ever posing her nails for a photo, and I have to say I'm jealous of how easy she seemed to find it.  I remember twisting the crap out of my hand trying to figure out how to hold it when I first started :D

So, that's all from me today I'm afraid.  I do have a few mani's prepared already though, so hopefully you'll see a few more posts from me this week.  Until then lovelies............

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