Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Dark Metal Lacquer - Gas in Veins

*Purchased by me
 Hiya lovelies! Today I have another gorgeous Dark Metal Lacquer to show you.  This is Gas in Veins, a teal holographic polish. This was actually one of the first polishes Kamila released, and it is a stunner.......

 If you're familiar with this blog, you'll probably know I'm a sucker for teal polishes lately, but I only own one other teal holo, so this was a very welcome addition to my stash.  In the photos, I'm wearing 2 average coats with no undies.  It did dry down a little less glossy than it applied, so I would recommend a top coat.  I'm wearing 1 coat of HKGirl in these pictures, and it really brought the holo to life.
The formula was really easy to work with.  I found it applied very smoothly, and built up nicely.  I didn't need to do much clean up, and I didn't have any issues with staining.  (Please bear in mind that I only keep my polish on for a day though)
Overall, I'm really pleased with this polish.  The holo isn't quite as intense as She's Like Heroin from the autumn collection, but it's still very prominent, especially in the sunshine.  (All of these photos were taking under artificial light, and the holo was a little camera shy)

So, I love it, but what do you guys think of this polish?

This is currently out of stock at the moment, but you can still find loads of other gorgeous holo's by visiting Dark Metal Lacquer on etsy here, as well as following them on facebook here, and on Instagram @darkmetallacquer

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