Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Born Pretty Store Review - Part 1

*One product in this post was provided in exchange for a 100% honest review
Hiya lovelies!  I was recently contacted by Born Pretty Store and offered the chance to review a couple of items from their online store.  If you're not already familiar with BPS, they are a website selling all sorts of nail art stuff, jewellery, clothing, some pretty cool phone cases and tonnes more, as well as their own nail polish lines.  They offered me a choice of 2 items from their store, so I picked a stamping plate, and some neon water decals.  Today I'm showing you the stamping plate.....

I chose plate Qgirl-010, mostly for this magnificent swirly image, which also happens to be very long, and had no problem covering my long thumb nail.  (It needs to be filed down again, as I discovered yesterday that my XL images are now a bit too short to cover it)  Not a problem with this image though.....

 (This picture is from the website, as taking photos of plates is something I just can't do.  Usually you can see more of my forehead's reflection than you can of the actual images!)  It's also worth mentioning that the little image in the bottom left corner is actually the word LOVE, and it does seem to be etched properly on the plate. :D

The plate itself came in a little envelope, and it has the branded backing to stop the edges being too sharp.  The etching on the image I used was great, I had absolutely no issues getting it to pick up properly.  (I stamped with Barry M - Gold Foil, and used my soft Messy Mansion stamper in case you were wondering)  I haven't had a chance to test the other images just yet, but I already have 3 mani's in mind for this plate, so we'll see soon enough.
The base for this mani is a gradient between Essie - The lace is on, and Revlon Top Speed - Grape, and I was amazed by how beautifully these two polishes meshed.  Seriously, they look like they were made for each other, and I got one of the smoothest gradients I've ever had.  I actually didn't want to stamp over it straight away, and had to wear the gradient alone for a day first.  I do really like it with the stamping too though.......
So, apart from choosing a base that I didn't really want to cover up, I was super happy with how this mani turned out.  The plate is great quality, and I really, really like this image.  I've bought a few bits from BPS before that I was impressed with, and this plate is no different.  They're also fantastic for anyone who's on a tight budget, as their prices are excellent, and they offer free worldwide shipping.  And if that's not enough, they've also very kindly provided me with a small discount code to share with you guys.  (which you may or may not have already seen in my sidebar) Just enter the code GHCQ10 during the checkout process for 10% off your order.


  1. Replies
    1. Isn't it drool-worthy!? I don't always get a perfect gradient but these two polishes made it a breeze :D xx

  2. Beautiful! I've not tried their plates yet but this looks fab. Love the base too x

  3. Thanks hun! I only have one other myself, but it is great quality. It doesn't have a backing on that one, but the etching is great. They have a really pretty full plate image I think I need though :D xx


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