Saturday, 13 September 2014

Theme Buffet - Marbling

 Hiya lovelies!  Today I have my mani for this weeks Theme Buffet prompt to show you guys, and the prompt for this week is Marbling (dry or water).  I decided to go with water since it's still something I need to practise at..........

So, the 3 polishes I chose to marble with were Barry M - Guava, Moyra 87 (rich purple), and 64 (extremely bright, cool toned neon pink, that looks nothing like my pictures suggest)  Please don't use these pictures to influence your buying decisions - I'll try and get some proper swatches of this up soon for you guys :D
I originally intended to watermarble all 5 fingers the same, and used the same colour ratios for each marble, but when I saw that one was more pink and one more purple, I decided to go with the flow and make it a skittle.  I tried to make the thumb more green, but Guava was a little thicker than the other 2 polishes, and didn't spread as far.  It's still different though, so I'll take that as a win :p
On the two remaining fingers, I painted 2 coats of Moyra 64 and 87 over the white base that was meant for the watermarble.  Looking at these photos, 87 (purple) could really have done with a third coat, but never mind.  After that I got a little carried away, and decided to watermarble onto a stud for each plain nail.  I did a pink and green marble for the stud going on the purple nail, and a purple and green one for the pink nail.  They both looked fab at first, but I totally smeared the purple and green one under top coat.  That was really annoying, I did a whole watermarble just for that tiny little stud, and then went and ruined it anyway haha.
Accidents aside though, I still loved how this mani turned out.  Sure, it's not perfect, but I still think it's kind of awesome.....  Plus, this was the first stripey watermarble I've managed to pull off even semi-successfully, and it's one of my favourite watermarble patterns!

So, that's all from me today, but I should be back tomorrow to squeeze in a pastel mani for the Colour me Crazy challenge before it's next week.

In the meantime, why not check out what everyone else has come up with for this weeks Theme  Buffet by checking out the thumbnails below :D


  1. Love the water marble and the stud is so awesome

    1. Awww, thanks Anita! :D It was definitely a big deal for me to get a specific pattern this time, usually they just do whatever they feel like! xxx

  2. How cool with the water marbled studs!!!

    1. Thanks Magriet! I was so annoyed at myself for smudging it though :D xx


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