Saturday, 14 September 2013

A break from the norm.

 Hi all, hope you're having a great weekend so far.  Today I have a mani for you that involves a lot of glitter, and not a stamp in sight!  Don't worry, I have not taken leave of my senses.  I just wanted to post something a bit different today.  I will be back tomorrow though, with a massive post about basic stamping.  I don't really want to call it a tutorial, as I'm not an expert, but really, it kind of is.  Hopefully some of you who are not familiar with stamping will find it useful.  There's definitely a few things I've picked up that I wish I had known when I started!

The base for this mani is Headline Colors - Poolside Party.  I had never heard of this brand before, but got it in my very first Beauteco Box (now called Love Me Beauty) and I think it retails for about £9.  A bit pricier than what I'm used to, but it is very nice.  Lovely colour, good pigmentation, and the formula was nice to work with. It's smooth and creamy, a lot like Barry M - Blueberry Ice Cream formula wise.  (Anyone else love the way that polish applies?)

I was planning to tape off half of each nail, I even had the tape pre-cut and everything, but when I was waiting for the base to dry, I lost my patience and decided to just freehand it.  The glitter here is China Glaze - Snow Globe.  This was a massive impulse buy for me.  I saw some swatches, and immediately ordered one off ebay!  I couldn't really afford it, but damn it, I wanted it.  I actually ordered it from America as it was only £4.41 including international shipping here.  My way of telling myself I was still being somewhat frugal and therefore responsible!  I then added some little aqua holographic circle glitter that I picked up off ebay a while back, down the middle of the nails, and top coated.  By the way, they stained my nails like a b**ch!  Half of each nail is very blue where I've pulled downwards on them with the cotton pad.  Looks like it's dark colours for me for now!

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  1. This is really pretty, the colors are fantastic! The big glitters are cool! Sucks they stained your nails though, meh haha


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