Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Raunchy Red Lace

*All products in this post were purchased by me.  
Hi everyone, sorry I didn't post yesterday, but I've recently bought a new bed, and a new computer desk which both came flat-packed, so I've spent the last couple of days putting them together and trying to fit them somewhere.  I own way too much stuff for my humble abode!  Anyway, I haven't had time to do my nails so this is one I've pulled out of my meagre vault.  That's why my nails are a bit longer here.

Polishes used in this mani: OPI - Nail Envy Matte, Kleancolor - Metallic Red, Rimmel 60 Seconds - Black Out, Konad Special Polish - Black and Seche Vite.

I painted my thumb and ring finger with Black Out and added a single red square rhinestone near the cuticle.  The I painted my other 3 fingers with Metallic Red and stamped my middle finger with PUEEN27, and my index and ring finger with PUEEN33.  I forgot to get that one in the picture, but I completely adore the 2 lace stamps on that plate, so you can be sure it'll appear again quite soon.

 Sorry this last picture's a little blurry.  I've found a better place to photograph my nails now, so once I've posted the few mani's I have sitting in the vault, you will see an improvement in the photos : )

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