Friday, 6 September 2013

Ice Blue Cream - Part 2

Here we have, as promised earlier, the stamping over Ice Blue Cream.  This is the final matte version, but I have included a glossy picture after the jump.

Polishes used in this mani:OPI - Nail Envy Matte, La Femme - Ice Blue Cream, Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure - Lavender Envy, Seche Vite and NYC - Matte me Crazy.

I stamped from image plate PUEEN29 with Lavender Cloud.  I've never stamped with this polish before, and it does take 2 coats on the nail normally, but I don't have a white stamping polish yet.  As you can see, it isn't completely opaque, but I think that fits nicely with such a soft colour and subtle design.  Also, as the name would suggest this polish is not pure white.  It has a slight lavender tinge to it, just enough to stop it looking like Tipp-Ex. (We all did it, you know we did!)

Then once it was all dry I added a coat of NYC - Matte Me Crazy to give that flat chalky look, which I love over pastel colours.  No idea why, I'm not really a pastel kinda girl but there it is!

The more eagle-eyed of you may have noticed that I have not included a picture of the stamping plate I used.  This is because I am planning to post full reviews on the stamping plate sets I own quite soon, which will include photos of each individual plate.  I will be breaking each set down into multiple posts, as it's just too many images for one post!  I have 3 sets, The Cheeky 2012 set, Cheeky 2013 Summer set, and the Pueen Love Elements collection.  If there is one set you would like me to review first, please let me know in the comments : )


  1. Hi! I noticed you on British Nail Bloggers so came to take a peek :P I adore this mani so much, it's so cute! I've looked at stamping before but have absolutely no idea what to buy/how to do it, so if you ever get a chance, a stamping tutorial may be a really super good thing to pop on here :) And I shall be checking back to see more stamping too hehe ^^


  2. Thanks, I'm glad you like it. The biggest bit of advice I would give a beginner in stamping is to get a XL stamper. They're soft and squishy and really easy to work with. I got one recently and it's improved my stamping so much. I'm actually planning a post sometime next week about beginner stamping and using a XL stamper so that's great timing : D

    Sarah x

    1. Awesome! :D Can you buy them in-stores or are they usually just online? x

    2. I haven't seen any in stores, I picked up mine on ebay for £2-3. Just make sure it's got the white stamping pad, not the pinky red one.
      This is where I got mine from. It comes with 2 plastic scrapers aswell which is good, as most people hate the metal ones, myself included. They scratch the plates!

    3. Ooo okay, thank you very much :) I look forward to your beginner stamping post!


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